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Orange Cassidy (accompanied by Best Friends) fought his first AEW game against PAC in Revolution's pay-per-view in Chicago, IL.

There was some comedy at the beginning of the game, but this quickly turned into a wrestling match with PAC hitting some offense in the first minutes. PAC carried Cassidy's head to the ring post on the ringside and then continued to punch him in the ring for several minutes. PAC hit an avalanche of avalanche brains on the top and could have immobilized Cassidy, but he picked it up before 3. PAC then went for the Red Arrow, but Cassidy left the ring. PAC tested the Red Arrow again, but Cassidy came out again. Cassidy had a second wind and launched a suicidal dive through the ropes, hit a cross body from the top and a DDT. He almost immobilized PAC but threw him out.

Cassidy surprised PAC with a right hand that dived and then the slumdog millionaire (movement like a stunner) and then went to move from the top, but PAC tripped him. PAC tested a piledriver at the top, but Cassidy responded to a DDT at the top and then a diving DDT at the top, but PAC left the ring before the pin attempt. Trent threw PAC into the ring and Cassidy hit the Air Raid crash but PAC barely threw it out. Fight Bros ran out and pulled Trent, but Chuck Taylor plunged into them. Cassidy was distracted by this when PAC got up. PAC was locked in the presentation of Brutalizer and Cassidy tapped.

Click here for the full results of AEW Revolution.


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