Ahmad Khawaja : WWBR’s CEO of the year

Ahmad Khawaja : WWBR's CEO of the year
Ahmad Khawaja : WWBR’s CEO of the year

Ahmad Khawaja : For all the young entrepreneurs who are aspiring to do something big out of their own, there is no doubt about Dr Ahmad Khawaja setting an example for all of them. Well, the CEO has been an inspiration to all the young people and he has undoubtedly been an award winning provider of Global Payment services that includes mobile and prepaid card services as well. Whatsoever, he was recently featured as a CEO of the Year on the cover of the Worldwide Business Review. Allied Wallet has seen a multi-billion dollar success over the past few years and ever since then, he has seen the company keep growing. 

Certainly, the strong leadership and guidance of the CEO plays a vital role in this context. Indeed, Dr Ahmad Khawaja has been a mastermind and he has mentioned quite a lot of things about his journey in the cover of the magazine that was entitled as the, “The Man Behind the Virtual world.” He has got a hands-on approach and that has consequently enabled him to avail a powerful insight to deliver all the amenities that are required for his team, the customers, as well as to that of his merchants’ customers too! 

Allied Wallet: Work place ethics play a vital role in building the organization

Dr Ahmad Khawaja mentions that he never wants to make his staff members feel as if he is the boss of the organisation and that’s the reason for which he decides to work with the staff members so as to make them feel comfortable while they are at work. Allied Wallet has been regarded as one of the best companies to work for, all because of the positive work place culture that it comes up with! A lot of young entrepreneurs pay no notice to this fact, while they forget that one can expect a good return or output from the team only when there is a coordination among the employees. He also mention that it is important to take a note of the fact that all the team members are having a positive approach at their work, and only then will they be able to continue working happily and at peace without holding any kind of grudges at the back of their minds. 

Dr Ahmad Khawaja’s opinion of being a CEO

Dr Ahmad Khawaja told the WWBR that the best thing about being a so is to ensure that you are seeing the things being done correctly. It is not just about the organisation achieving its goals but at the same time, he makes sure of the fact that his emotions are also being able to achieve their goals. He further adds on to it saying that he takes care that none of his emotions are facing trouble with the reliability of the services. He goes ahead saying that he always takes care that being a CEO is not an easy job and he also has a lot of responsibilities alongside. 

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