AI oriented Smart Speakers for Smart cars in China! Alibaba teams up with Audi, Renault and Honda.

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This collaboration will offer car owners a range of voice-controlled services, including identification of nearby attractions, dine-outs and movie-ticket booking. 

In the time when smart speaker devices have become a battle for honor between Internet companies, Alibaba Group Holding, an e-commerce giant rolls out voice discovery services in cars by announcing partnerships with auto giants Audi, Renault and Honda.

Within the partnership, Tmall Genie Auto, an Artificial intelligence platform developed by Alibaba Al lab will be integrated within the new cars from the companies of China which have smart and internet-enabled features.

This collaboration will be able to present the car owners with a wide range of voice-controlled services, including identification of nearby tourist places and eateries, functionality to book movie tickets and purchase things on Alibaba’s retail platform, order food and check the status of the deliveries of purchase items via this platform.

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People who own cars and have a Tmall Genie smart speaker at their homes would be able to keep an eye as well as control their smart-home devices while driving away from home, for e.g turning on the room heater, controlling air conditioner or checking the status of temperature and lighting, etc.

Miffy Chen, general manager at Alibaba Al lab told to media that “By providing AI technologies, including speech recognition and natural language processing, Tmall Genie Auto enables car users to access an extensive in-car infotainment portfolio by tapping into Alibaba’s rich content and service ecosystem,” Chen was super confident about providing the users with a better experience, he said “Together, we can greatly enhance our in-car services and make the driving experience more intelligent and interconnected.”

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According to the recent data released by research firm IDC, market of smart speaker has grown almost 8 times in the first quarter of 2019 in China whereas the growth of vendors shipping has grown a total of 11.2 million units in the first three month of this year.

Smart speakers have crossed the humongous mark of 10 million which is almost equal to the mark of personal computers and smart TV’s in terms of popularity. This recent development has brought the smart speakers market in the place where it is just behind Smartphones in tech-device range, a report by Wang Jiping, assistant president of IDC China states.

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Alibaba and Baidu, the market e-commerce market leaders shipped 3.4 million units of smart speakers which was followed by Xiaomi with 2.9 million units, a data report from IDC showed.

With China surpassing the US as the largest smart speaker market, Alibaba was tanked 4th largest smart speaker vendor with 15.5 per cent market share. Baidu on third with 16 per cent share and Amazon and google as the leaders, a data from research firm Canalys said.

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