Alarm Clock Apps That Will Really Wake You UP

Do you find getting up in the morning an impossible mission? Don’t worry. You are not alone. There are millions of night owls just like you who struggle to wake up with their alarm clocks. However, I wonder, whether it’s always our fault, or the alarms can take at least part of the blame. It is not easy to get up on time when your alarm tempts you with the snooze button, right? It takes too much effort to get up at the first attempt. Oh, and don’t let me start on the whole huge turn off button in the middle of the screen. How on earth should I stop myself from pushing it? And the music that does nothing but irritates you. No one wants to wake up already annoyed and unhappy. No, there must be a better way. This is why we have prepared the list of alarm clock apps that can wake you up without the struggles I had just rented about. Enjoy! 

Walk Up Alarm Clock

This alarm clock is the best gift for all the heavy sleepers out there! Imagine the world where you can’t just tap snooze, and sleep for another ten minutes. Again. And again. Walk Up Alarm Clock will never let this happen. This application will make you get up right away. How? It won’t leave you along until you get up and start walking. Yep, you set the number of steps you need to make for it to stop. Nothing else will work. There is no snooze or turn off button. You have to hold it and walk with it. Our advice is to set up the exact amount of steps you need to make to reach your bathroom door. 


This one must be the most unique (and weird) alarm app we have ever come across. Wakie doesn’t work like any other alarms. Instead of setting an alarm with some noises or task to make, the app starts a phone call. But there is more. You receive a phone call from a complete stranger. Every morning. As an alarm clock. You read this right. Basically, by installing this app you are agreeing on strangers calling you every morning to wake you up. It does sound a little creepy at first. Though the community in Wakie is something special. It is super kind and sweet. The goal of the app is to make you interested in waking up with the alarm. They play on your curiosity and politeness to answer a call and to see who’s on the other side.


If you want something even more challenging, you should try Alarmy. The alarm clock apps rarely go harder on you than that. First of all, this alarm uses incredibly loud and annoying sounds to wake you up. Of course, you can be in charge of the sound and annoyance levels of those sounds. Though, it still doesn’t give you many nice options. Thinking that even this brutal wake-up call is not enough, the app then sends you on a quest. The thing is, the alarm will not shut up until you take a picture of some item that the app requests. This can be a coffee pot, toilet, plant, or anything else. This application will make you think, “I’m ready to pay to do my assignment any price!” Yes, it’s going to be that annoying. Though, you receive the expected result. You are up and awake. Perhaps, slightly irritated as well. But, oh well, at least it works. 

Snap Me Up

This application uses a slightly different approach than the rest. The alarm clock asks you to take a photo of your sleepy self. This way you prove the app that you are awake, or, at least, capable of some conscious activities. These sleepy selfies are later stored in a cloud and available to you at any moment. We think the approach this application takes is quite interesting. Instead of torturing yourself with weird quotes or loud noises, it tries to focus on you. You are the first thing that you see in the morning. There is hardly a way you can get irritated or unpleasant by just seeing your face. Hence, we perceive it as a much kinder and thoughtful way to make you wake up and smile!

The Bottom Line 

Mornings are not designed to be this hard. It is not the universe’s plan to make us miserable and irritated as soon as we are awake. We are making this to ourselves. No wonder, if the first thing in the morning is a much-hated alarm that does no justice to our sleepy selves. Having a peaceful and nice morning is crucial for our mental health and great mood for the day. So be smart about your alarm clock app choice. Find something that works well for you. Remember to be kind to yourself. 

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