Alcohol delivery at home in Singapore

In Singapore a large number of people drink a wide range of alcoholic drinks ranging from beer, wine to whisky and brandy. Typically most people who drink regularly are visiting the local alcohol shop to purchase one or more bottles of their favorite drinks . Alternately they have to go to a bar, restaurant , pub or hotel for their drink and the rates are usually very high, due to the overheads. Hence many people are interested in finding an alcohol store, which is offering them alcohol delivery at home, since this will help in saving time and money.

Online orders

There are many benefits of ordering alcohol from an online store which offers home delivery. Many people in Singapore do not have any alcohol store located near their home or office. So they have to spend their time and money to find a suitable store, which is stocking their favorite alcoholic beverage. Most beers, whiskies, gins and other drinks are packed in glass bottles, which may break while transporting them to the residence of the buyer. Additionally if the buyer is purchasing a large quantity of drinks, the weight of these drinks will be more, and it is difficult and strenuous to carry the drinks.

Ordering alcoholic drinks from an online store which offers home delivery is both convenient and helps in saving time, money. The drink buyer can conveniently browse the large selection of drinks available whenever he wishes, he can check the availability even at night when most of the wine stores are closed. He can place the order any time he wishes during the day, night, on holidays, and the alcohol is usually delivered to the address specified within 48 hours of order placement. The home delivery of drinks to any address in Singapore is usually free for orders above $50.

Large selection

The online alcohol store has a wide range of alcoholic beverages ranging from Japanese whiskeys, gins to beers listed to cater to the requirements of the customers. To find the specific whisky, beer or other drink he wishes to order, the online shopper can use the search feature on the website. He can also browse the different alcoholic beverages since they are categorized into beers, wines and spirits to find the different brands and types available for sale. The inventory is regularly updated, and items which are not in stock are specified so that orders are not placed for items which are not available.


One of the main reasons why the online retailer has become popular is because of the discounted prices. Since the retailer does not have to spend money on rental for a retail store, many of the wines, beers, spirits listed at the online store are available at rates which are substantially lower than the price at the local retailer. It is also easier to browse the online store, to find out which drinks are available at a discount. The online retailer only stocks well known brands, so the quality of the alcoholic beverages is assured. So to save time and money, Singapore is increasingly opting for alcohol home delivery.

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