Alexi Navalny poisoned Putin – jailed for 30 days

The most prominent opposition figure of Russia has been jailed for 30 days after returning to Moscow for the first time. Alexi Navalny is currently 44 years old and was arrested soon after he flew from Germany to Moscow on Sunday. The prosecutors said that he had violated the parole terms of a suspended sentence for embezzlement and thus, he was politically motivated. The US and European leaders have led their calls for the release. Mr Navalny was killed in a nerve agent attack in the month of August that he had blamed on the Kremlin. Moscow denied its involvement into the matter. However, the political allegations were however, backed up by reports that came up from the investigative journalists. 

On Monday, a court hearing was held at the police station that was situated on the outskirts of Moscow. The judge has ordered Mr Navalny’s detention till 15th of February for violating the parole. He is supposed to have another hearing on 29th of January in order to determine whether his suspended sentence of 3.5 years will get replaced with a jail term. Mr Navalny also said that his treatment was beyond a mockery of justices and thus, he described the heating as lawlessness of the highest grade. 

The basics of Alexei Navalny

It is quite obvious that you must definitely be curious to know more about Alexei Navalny by now. Well, Alexei Navalny is basically an anti-corruption campaigner. He is also regarded as the prominent face of the Russian opposition to the President Vladimir Putin. He has even taken an attempt to stand in the 2018 presidential race. He was barred due to an embezzlement conviction which he says was politically motivated. He is also known as outspoken blogger, and thus, he has millions of Russian followers on the social media. He even managed to get a few supporters who were elected to the local councils in Siberia in the year 2020. 

Russia’s prison service had even said that the Kremlin critic which had violated the terms of his suspended sentence for embezzlement. It further said that he would remain in the custody until a court ruling. The US and the European Union led calls to free Mr Navalny but it stopped short of threatening all sorts of Punitive action. 

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