All About Denim: Styling and Care Tips


Denim is a classic wardrobe essential. It is a type of clothing that you can wear almost every season. Well, except for North Korea, it is fair to bet that 80% of the world’s population owns a pair of denim jeans.

Heck, even in Japan, there is an annual fashion award called “Best Jeanist,” conducted by an Okayama Prefecture Apparel Industry Japan Jeans Association. 

Everyone has their favorite jeans, but nothing beats denim. It is durable. It is timeless. And it is stylish.

Denim misusage often involves fashion and laundry. Some individuals have been sporting it the wrong way. It has almost become an insult to those who respect its deep history. Also, some people don’t even know the technical know-how of its specific laundering process.

But worry not because this article is all about denim styling and care tips. This will be a two-part article. First is the proper styling aspect. The second is a comprehensive appropriate laundering process. Here it is:

Styling Denim

Denim Jeans Fashion Ideas

Choosing denim as a centerpiece of your fashion style is straight, smart, and classy, given its comfort, style, and durability.

1. Pair your denim jeans with a plain white shirt. Many say that sporting that attire is sloppy dressing. But honestly, it is not. It is a classic and everyday fashion. Heartthrobs and style icons James Dean and Harry Styles have been rocking this outfit, and the difference in their eras proves that this look is timeless.

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2. Jean and sweater. A classic fall or spring outfit. You can replace the sweater with a plain shirt and cardigan.

3. Jeans and tucked-in long sleeve polo. If the proper combination of color is achieved, it can be your newest smart casual or semi-formal look. It is perfect for conducting seminars, attending meetings, or even date nights. 

Denim Jacket Fashion Ideas

Denim jackets are versatile when it comes to fashion. There are countless ways to wear it fashionably. So here are some famous ones:

1. Pair it with skinny black jeans, a plain dark-colored shirt, and your favorite sneakers. This look is an excellent casual and everyday look. The color combination is so catchy in the eye. Be an instant head-turner with this look.

2. Pair denim jackets with scarves and beanies. A perfect winter outfit. Look cool without being cold in the coldest season of the year. 

3. Pair denim jackets with a fedora hat, shades, and pieces of jewelry. Due to the hotness of this outfit, wearing this one will increase the temperature on a very sunny summer day.

4. Rock your denim jackets with loafers, chinos, silver or gold watch, and oxford shirt. A very casual smart look. A perfect outfit for a first date and daytime business outing. 

Denim Care Tips

Follow Denim Label Instructions

The golden rule of laundry! Always follow the garment label. Why? Because it might inflict permanent damage to your delicate pieces of denim if you do not follow the garment label. If it says “Dry clean only.” then go to your most trusted dry cleaning expert.

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If it says “Never put in the dryer,” then follow it wholeheartedly. If it says, “For best laundry results, wash it in the top-load washer,” then go to your trusted laundry cleaning expert. Simple as that. All you need to do is read and follow instructions. It is not a hard thing to do, right?   

Proper Treating of Small Stains

When you spot a small stain, there is no need to launder it immediately. It is so much understandable that you want to maintain the cleanliness and the swag of your denim, but panic-washing over a stain in your denim does not result in a good thing at all.

So how do you treat the minor stains properly? It’s simple, cheap, and easy to execute. Just get an old toothbrush or a damp cloth with a mild detergent and gently apply it to the stained area. After that, never forget to eradicate the residual detergent by using the same things above but replace the mild detergent with water. It will keep your jeans looking great.

Never Put your Denim in the Dryer

Dryers are the kryptonite of any denim. Putting your denim jackets and jeans in the dryer will shorten the span of its lifespan and deteriorate its quality way too sooner than expected.

So how do you properly dry your denim? You can line-dry it. Line-drying denim will maintain its fit, avoid shrinkage, fabric warping, and soggy pockets, and prevent fading. 

Wash your Denim Less

You wash your denim to keep them clean and durable, right? But ironically, the more you wash it, the earlier it deteriorates. Whether it is a denim vest, jeans, or jackets, you need to learn to wash it less. A minimum of 7 uses and a maximum of 10. Because if your washing frequency is just like regular clothes, it will result in color fading, garment shrinking, and mesh destruction.

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Also, remember these critical factors. You should wash your denim depending on your sweat rate and on the type of climate. If you sweat fast, then you should probably wash it slightly more often than stated above. For summertime, you must also launder your denim slightly lesser than your regular clothes.

Choose a Gentle Soap

Laundering your denim with harsh detergent can wash out the classic indigo blue tint. There are lots of denim that have high chemical concentration, but you do not need that much. It is advisable to shift to mild soaps to maintain the true blue of your denim jeans fully. Some mild soaps are even chemically engineered to react more in cold water.   

Use Cold Water Instead of Warm

This might be a surprising tip, but trust me, it works! Using cold water in laundering denim clothing will prevent it from color fading, garment shrinking and maintaining the meshing’s integrity. Also, using cold water in laundering consumes lesser power. In the long run, you will save a significant amount of money. A quadruple win for you!

Denim is real classy clothing. Now that you know how to sport and clean your denim. You are now a denim laundry extraordinaire and fashion guru. Omit those styling and laundry mistakes, and you will be just fine.

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