All the characters that the outsider killed at the series premiere


Warning! The main spoilers of The Outsider follow.

HBO The foreigner It's a dark version of a detective procedure drama, and one of the most shocking things the series has done so far is to kill many characters in its first two episodes.

The outsiders The plot follows Detective Ralph Anderson as he tries to discover the details surrounding the murder of a local boy named Frankie Peterson, who has rocked the entire city. Spectators probably expected at least one character to die during the premiere episodes. At the end of the second episode, however, it is clear that no one is safe. The death of a particular character was a total shock and probably surprised most viewers if they had not previously read Stephen King's original novel that The foreigner series is based on.

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The body counts at the end of The outsiders The opening night was remarkably high for a show that has just begun. Here are all the characters that viewers probably won't see outside the flashbacks again, if they do.

The strange characters killed

Ben Mendelsohn and Jason Bateman in The Outsider HBO

Terry Maitland He is the coach of the city's Little League and the main suspect in the murder of Frankie Peterson. While Terry's death makes sense in light of the tragedy that The foreigner is trying to portray, it was shocking to see what happened relatively early in episode 2. This is similar to how both Psychopath Y Shout killed the main characters billed at the beginning of the movie, Jason Bateman's character, who was very focused on promotional materials, is shot dead outside the courthouse while being taken to an audience. The shooter ends up being killed in another tragic and surprising turn.

Ollie Peterson He is the older brother of Frankie Peterson. Ollie has a short and tragic life. The older brother and teenager of the Peterson family decides to take justice into their own hands after Frankie's death and another important related death. With a hat, a handkerchief and sunglasses, he quickly charges the police unit that takes Terry to court, then ends up shooting several officers and injuring Terry before being shot down by Ralph. When Ralph approaches the shooter's body, he unmasks it and looks at him in horror when he realizes he has just killed Ollie.

Joy Peterson She is the mother of Frankie and Ollie. Losing a child is possibly one of the worst things imaginable, and it can have a physical cost. What The foreigner decides to do with the character of Joy, really stays stuck in the knife to make her die suddenly of a heart attack behind the trail of Ollie. While cleaning the dining room, look at a picture of Ollie before losing control and destroying everything in the room. When her husband and son try to intervene, she grabs her chest and collapses. It was later confirmed in a hospital scene that she has died.

Fred Peterson He is the father of Frankie and Ollie. In just a few days, Fred loses his entire family. As the sole survivor, he decides to end his own life by hanging himself. A passerby finds it, but has already suffered brain damage due to lack of oxygen. He ends up in a coma, where the police have to resolve the final arrangements because he has no family left to make the decision for him. The foreigner The premiere did not hit, emphasizing the tragedy of what is happening to this small town.

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