All you need to comprehend about grand theft

Property rights and private property have not been devoid of bribery and theft. On the contrary, it is an age-old practice that has resulted in severe implications. The rules and regulations limiting theft and bribery differ from state to state. Moreover, there are several categories of robbery depending on the nature of the crime. It is here that grand theft comes into play. This term helps describe personal appropriation or theft of tangible property, which is more than a particular amount.

Petty theft, grand theft, theft, and robbery

When an individual deprives another one of their property and cash, it amounts to theft. The intention of theft differs from person to person. Someone may want to permanently damage another individual and affect their ownership of the position. Theft as a term can describe a vast range of crimes. Extortion, embezzlement, snatching someone’s property and establishing unauthorized use of their possession come within the ambit of theft. On the other hand, grand theft comes within the category of robbery. It is the theft of tangible property and personal property.

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There are two categories of appropriation, which include petty robbery and grand theft. The differentiation between these two categories got based on the value of property stolen. Grand Theft amounts when a vast possession of a person gets stolen. These days states are making strict rules and regulations for limiting larceny or Grand Theft.

Minimum value and valuing the property

Since in grand theft the property is precious, it is considered a severe theft. The worth of the property amounts to thousands of dollars. The difference between Grand Theft and petty theft lies in the nature and the amount of valuable stolen. In most Grand Theft litigations, the fundamental factor is the determination of the asset value. The prosecutor whom you employ must prove with evidence that the value of the property exceeds the limit. Various methods can help you determine property value like market value, retail value, and reasonable value. In addition, the lawyer will help you with understanding how much is grand theft bail amount and other related aspects. There are reasons to help you understand how much is grand theft bail amount. 

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Multiple items and categories of property

In most of these theft cases, different people work in a group for executing the crime. On the other hand, single-person crimes are also increasing these days. While analyzing the case, the judiciary would look into the value of the property stolen, the location of the theft, and multiple other factors. Then, the price is calculated by adding together individual item prices and thereby determining the theft severity.

The categories of property, which qualify for grand theft include firearms, automobiles, farm animals, bank balance, and the like.

The theft laws of states differ from one country to the other. In some cases, they provide imprisonment of many years. Whereas in other cases, they impose a penalty. It all depends upon the harshness of the case and the nature of the crime. The liabilities that an individual might face include probation, restitution, fines, and imprisonment. In case of a misdemeanor, the court may sentence the individual to jail imprisonment. There is a possibility for the sentence going up to twenty years or so. When you get convicted for stealing valuable properties, paying restitution comes as a penalty. You have to pay it directly or via the court. In all these cases, you require the help of a legal practitioner who will present your case effectively.

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