Allied Wallet and CEO Ahmad Khawaja received IFA

Allied Wallet and CEO Ahmad Khawaja received IFA
Allied Wallet and CEO Ahmad Khawaja received IFA

Allied Wallet is a recognized globally leading provider of multi-currency merchant services, online payment processing and a PCI level 1 secured payment gateway. Recently, Allied Wallet has made big names in the industry and thus, it was awarded with the IFA, International Fund Award. The company also received the title of the Most Innovative Payment Service Provider. 

Ahmad Khawaja: International Fund Awards

The IFA is basically an international merit award that is given out to the forward thinking and innovative firms for their contribution. It also ensures that the recipient company continues to offer exceptional service and performance over the years. Allied Wallet makes a position for itself in the digital payments industry and there is absolutely no doubt about the same. The CEO Ahmad Khawaja has made its position as a global payment service company and is recognized as one of the top choice service providers in the world for its astounding solutions and safety provisions that it has to offer to its users. 

The CEO Ahmad Khawaja said that he has always aspired to do something big and it is all due to the continuous hard work and efforts of the team that has brought him so far. He went on saying that he has always dreamt of making Allied Wallet a global expert in the e-commerce industry. It thus, was focused on enhancing the standards of protection, profitability and security as well as performance for the organization. The IFA highlights several aspects of Allied Wallet and all those parameters that had driven the company towards such a success. The CEO also mentions that Allied Wallet has always focused on customizing and adapting itself in ways to assure the betterment of services for its clients. As a result, it does not make any compromise in terms of service quality and works forward to make things better each day. 

Allied Wallet assures safety and security for the clients

Allied Wallet has always been focused to anticipate to the clients’ needs. Being in the retail sector, he says, he could realize that the major gap lies in the ability to make safe transactions online. There were some or the other threats, forever. As a result, he thought of bridging the gap that could assure easy and safer transactions to the clients so that they do not hesitate to shop across borders. He went on thinking and it wasn’t at all easy for him to come up with such an idea as Allied Wallet.

The biggest challenge was establishing it though! Whatsoever, Allied Wallet assures safety and security to the clients. It makes sure that the transaction details remain safe and the biggest thing about it is that it has not posed any limitation on the amount of transaction one can do! Allied Wallet, he says, is still undergoing several changes for betterment, and he is eager to show the world all that are awaiting in the days to come. He went on adding that Allied Wallet would make some major releases this year. 

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