Allied Wallet and Dr Ahmad Khawaja prioritize work place culture

Dr Ahmad Khawaja has made quite a lot of fame in the digital payments industry and it is clearly visible from the success of Allied Wallet. The company has been functioning across 196 Nations all over the globe and it is doing amazingly well. The best thing about this organisation is none other than his workplace culture which is one of the major reasons for which employees seem to give the maximum votes to Allied Wallet. In several interviews, the CEO, Dr Ahmad Khawaja has also spoken regarding the same. He says that he believes that the success of his organisation has only been possible due to the effort and teamwork of his employees and he believes that the work place culture has motivated for the same. 

Talking about this, he even mentions that the firm is recognised for its positive work place culture and Allied Wallet has even released an article about the same on the Forbes. It is not unknown that Dr Ahmad Khawaja is honored for his entrepreneurial success. He was featured on hundreds of magazines and it has been possible only due to the success of his multi-billion dollars payment services company, Allied Wallet. He even titled his Forbes article as, “Four Ways CEOs can build a more positive workplace.” In this article, he has talked about the key highlights that a CEO should look for that include:

  • You must roll your sleeves up which means that you should always be ready to face tasks coming along your way
  • Teach success versus encourage failure, which means that you should always learn from your failures and implement those lessons to achieve success
  • Train versus Fire which means that training is the key to the success of an organization
  • Last but not the least, he focuses on fixing problems versus pointing fingers which means that we need to see to the problems at the first place instead of pointing our fingers at others and continue blaming them. 

Dr Ahmad Khawaja: Team morale plays a vital role

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Again, Dr Ahmad Khawaja says that an organization is never successful by the efforts of an individual but it is only going to gain heights when there is team work and trust among the members of the team. He further mentioned that everyone in the team needs to work together and they should have enough coordination among them to gain what they truly have been seeking for! He also says that it is only the team morale that is going to help a company reach such great heights. Nevertheless, he urges other CEOs, particularly the young entrepreneurs to keep a note of the same as that would eventually pave their path of success. Dr Ahmad Khawaja takes immense price in being the leader of the digital payments’ industry, but alongside it has been possible only due to the joint effort of the team.

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