Allied Wallet and its CEO Andy Khawaja Honored in Michigan for Contributions to the Society

Allied Wallet and its CEO Andy Khawaja Honored in Michigan for Contributions to the Society

Dr. Andy Khawaja, the CEO of Allied Wallet was honoured in Michigan’s Wayne County for the organization’s contribution in the field of technology and society. It is basically an award winning global payment solution provider that includes prepaid card services, online payment processing and every other solution related to digital payments. The keynote speaker at the Inaugural Scholarship Gala and 20th Anniversary Celebration, hosted by Hamadeh Education Services featured the founder of Allied Wallet, Dr Andy Khawaja.

Allied Wallet dedicated to improve communities all across the world

Dr Andy Khawaja was recognised for his dedication in improving communities worldwide and he along with his team seem to be counting the Wayne County in particular. His technological contributions with the organization has brought results to his tireless efforts, thus, leading to more ways and creating more opportunities thereby rendering him as an entrepreneurial hero. He has gicen countless speeches to audiences across the world and his words of wisdom would probably encourage the entrepreneurs of tomorrow to take up better decisions and do sometjing really great in the days to come. He also stood beside various royalties, respected politicians, celebrities and celebrated business owners who are together having the same intention of helping others.

Dr Andy Khawaja feeling honored on receving the recognition

Dr Andy Khawaja, in an interview clearly mentioned that he loves giving back to the communities. He is thankful for having a platform and he thus, wants to make full use of it. He wants to share all his knowledge by giving advices to the individuals from different parts of the world who also have got a similar dream as that of his! Therefore, he encourages all those people who want to create a better future for themselves. Hamadeh Education Services in Wayne County was recognized by the U.S. News and World Report as one of “America’s Best High Schools.” Dr. Andy Khawaja, hence, presented his speech that fitted right on it as a decorated Entrepreneur, CEO and philanthropist.

Dr Khawaja further said that he feels honored to receive this organization from the Wayne County and he would never set back in helping his families, friends and other individuals across the world to create a better future ahead. Allied Wallet is a leader in its niche and it shall continue enjoying this leadership in helping others around to start up new business opportunities, and offering the high school candidates and college students with internship programmes. All these efforts are actually intended to help the innovators do great in future.


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