Allied Wallet and Its Workplace Culture – Dr. Andy Khawaja Released Forbes Article

andy khawaja
andy khawaja

The CEO, Dr Andy Khawaja of Allied Wallet, is well known for the success of his firm as a global leading provider of online payment processing. The company has earned a huge name and fame in terms of offering various payment solutions across different nations of the globe. The company has been functional in 196 countries all over the world. All these highlights were recently mentioned in the release of an article with Forbes on the central theme of positive workplace culture in Allied Wallet.

Dr. Andy Khawaja has received the honor for his entrepreneurial success all over the world. He is also known for his ability to leading such a versatile team that has been constantly moving towards the peak of success. He has been recognized on the covers of hundreds of magazines. Andy has been receiving all these rewards and titles all for his multi-billion-dollar payment services company, Allied Wallet.

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Dr Andy Khawaja’s message to the Forbes readers and future entrepreneurs

The CEO’s Forbes article is titled as the, “Four Ways CEOs Can Build A More Positive Workplace” in which Dr. Andy Khawaja has highlighted several key ideas such as:

  • Roll Your Sleeves up
  • Train Versus Fire
  • Teach Success Versus Encourage Failure
  • Fixing Problems Versus Pointing Fingers

Dr. Andy Khawaja says that he has always believed in offering motivation to his team and that’s what is the core of Allied Wallet today. He takes pride in the positive workplace and team morale. Not just this, Dr Andy Khawaja also encourages the other CEOs and companies to consider their suggestions alongside as he believes that ideas and learnings can come from anywhere. He further says that there’s no age to stop learning for the horizon of success is wide enough. There is no pause to keep learning and one should always take this fact as an advantage to improve himself or herself.

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The secret to the success of a multi-billion-dollar company lies in its morale

Dr Andy Khawaja says that a CEO should never forget about how important their employees are to them. Therefore, it becomes really important for the leader to ensure that the work place culture and coordination is decent enough! Also, the top management team should not just keep watching at the staffs on the floor from a distant location. Rather, they should also come down and watch how things work, and understand the tricks that work, and eliminate the ones that don’t. This is certainly a tip that all the aspiring entrepreneurs should keep in minds.

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Dr Andy Khawaja had ended his speech with a positive note for the Forbes readers by saying that an organization should always focus on developing a good morale among its employees for that would consequently shape the path of the company towards the success and maintain an equilibrium in the work place as well.

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