Allied Wallet CEO Ahmad Khawaja Discusses in “The Boss” – Accepting International Payments Online

Allied Wallet CEO Ahmad Khawaja Discusses in “The Boss” - Accepting International Payments Online
Allied Wallet CEO Ahmad Khawaja Discusses in “The Boss” – Accepting International Payments Online

Allied Wallet has earned quite a good amount of name and fame over the past few years. The success of the company has made it quite more popular over some time. Dr Ahmad Khawaja, the CEO of Allied Wallet recently spoke up about the current state of the global e-commerce market in Start Your Business Magazine wherein he highlights different aspects of the e-commerce market and relates it to the digital payments industry. It features an international service for accepting online payments and all these attributes are recently published in an article entitled, “The Boss.” 

Dr Ahmad Khawaja is a worldwide recognized entrepreneur and the company stands to be a globally leading provider in terms of multi-currency merchant services. It is also acknowledged as a PCI level 1 secured payment gateway. Allied Wallet is popularly known for its provision to offer safe transaction facility to different websites as well as to various mobile devices. As a result, this has become a boon to the e-commerce industry. It has helped the merchants to come across a single platform wherein they can showcase their products and services to the customers, and thus, make them available for the customers. 

Allied Wallet made it possible to trade across domestic borders

Dr Ahmad Khawaja said that Allied Wallet has always been focused on considering online payments beyond domestic borders, and thus, came up with several unique business practices. Allied Wallet has popped into the e-commerce industry, and thus, talking about that, the CEO mentions that the journey hasn’t been hassle free. He had to encounter different hurdles, as well as, there were times, when he had to educate the people to handle the technology and Allied Wallet didn’t mind doing so either! This is because Allied Wallet strongly believes that it is none other than the employees who build the firm and thus, it becomes mandatory to consider teaching them about the systems and protocols at the very first place. Furthermore, Allied Wallet made this firm international, and thus, partnered itself with different banks. 

Allied Wallet making changes in the e-commerce industry

Dr Ahmad Khawaja had encountered a lot of hardships in his journey, and while the other CEOs were buying yachts and enjoying golf, he flew across the world to make sure that Allied Wallet stands at the forefront of card payment technology. He made it a point for himself that he won’t rest until and unless he succeeds in being at the top of the industry. As a result, he made it a point of changing the concept of e-commerce transactions. Allied Wallet came up with an intelligent system that can assure safe and secure transactions without any doubt. Also, the next focus of Allied Wallet will be upon expanding itself across different regions such as India, Brazil and China. His innovations and discoveries are going to earn him the title of the “Entrepreneur of the year.”

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