Entrepreneurialism and Success – Allied Wallet CEO Ahmad Khawaja Interviewed by MediaPlanet

Dr Ahmad Khawaja, the CEO of Allied Wallet (provider of online credit card processing, multi-currency merchant services, and a PCI Level 1 secured payment gateway) was recently interviewed for MediaPlanet’s digital and physical distribution for entrepreneurs in the United Kingdom. The company did rise up to the peak of success over the recent time, and it would never have been possible without such a great assistance of the team that didn’t mind working hard with all the focus in making this dream come true. Of course, the innovator behind this success is none other than the CEO but it would not have been possible without such a joint effort that assured the success of the organization. Of course, the work place culture played a vital role in this context, and entrepreneurialism and success has now been the keys for Allied Wallet. 

Ahmad Khawaja: Entrepreneur publication

Entrepreneur is an independent publication which was included with The Guardian in the United Kingdom. Allied Wallet’s CEO, Dr Ahmad Khawaja is recently featured on the cover next to Richard Branson as the “Self Made Billionaire” with a feature and exclusive interview within the publication. The article is written by Stefano Pozzebon wherein he discusses about all that sparked the CEO’s business. Dr Ahmad Khawaja has always been an inspiration for others and thus, the article focuses on his intention of helping the striving entrepreneurs. Dr Ahmad Khawaja went on saying that his goal was never meant for himself, instead he was always after the motif of helping out others throughout his journey, and that has brought him to where he is today. 

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CEO Ahmad Khawaja: Helping the young entrepreneurs

Dr Ahmad Khawaja says that he would love to help the struggling entrepreneurs in their journey. He went on saying that he cannot turn his back on the rest of the entrepreneurs. He would always be there to guide them along the way. He says that it is only because of them that we have so many apps available to us today. Thus, it is essential to encourage these innovative minds. He led his speech to Allied Wallet since it was started back in the year 2002 to that of tracing its growth into a multi-billion dollar business. He followed his passion of helping out others, and that had helped him grow up to such a success. 

Dr Ahmad Khawaja mentions that he can well understand the struggles that an innovative mind has to go through, in making others believe that he would be able to achieve his dream. He would thus, be influencing others and helping such talented individuals who has a dream just like him in growing bigger and bigger each and every day. The CEO even says that it is only one’s belief upon oneself that brings a person such a long way. Hence, a person needs to have faith on himself to grow and succeed. 

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