Allied Wallet CEO Andy Khawaja Recognized as FinTech CEO of the Year

Allied Wallet CEO Andy Khawaja Recognized as FinTech CEO of the Year

Dr. Andy Khawaja, the founder and CEO of Allied Wallet that happend to be a globally leading provider of mainstream online payment processing. The CEO was awarded as “Financial Technology CEO of the Year” by the Corporate Vision magazine. Allied Wallet CEO Andy Khawaja was featured right on the cover by the Corporate Vision wherein it announced the results of their International Business Awards and Allied Wallets secured one of the positions among them. On an interview with Dr Andy Khawaja, he talks about the latest developments of the company and the inspirations that the team is taking to drive global success.

Allied Wallet: Achiever of phenomenal success

Allied Wallet has managed to achieve phenomenal success over the years, as per the Corporate Vision. However, the publication also says that the firm seems to be keen not to rest on its laurels. Also, it is worth stating that Allied Wallet has always believed in bringing more and more innovation in its payment services. Its tenure in the payment department is worth all the appreciation.

The company has thought of several ways to continue its global expansion and thus, come up with prospects of collaboration with the central banks. It has also collaborated with the world government, so as to avail big goals that the team has always aspired for!

Allied Wallet and its journey

Corporate Vision in its publication mentions that Allied Wallet and its CEO, Dr. Andy Khawaja who happens to be the FinTech CEO of the year should believe that the sky is the only limit. All that the company requires to do, is to keep building all that the company has dreamt of, and wished to achieve. The more you build, the more would thd company grow. He kept on saying that the success that everyone is able to see today didn’t happen overnight. It took a lot of determination, commitment and hard work for Allied Wallet to be able to reach where it is!

Allied Wallet has constantly been announcing the new collaborations that it has been making before the press and the releases are occurring almost every week. It has been supporting alternative payment methods too, so as to continue its intention of helping its customers achieve their desired level of convenience, and in return, enabling the company to stand by its commitment and achieving the goals that it has always been thinking of! Thus, it has been providing a lot to both the world market and to the e-commerce platform as well. Dr Andy Khawaja accepted this accolade with all his heart and ends his speech with a note to encourage the readers of Corporate Vision to strive for making their dreams come true!

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