Allied Wallet: Dr Ahmad Khawaja on Asian Entrepreneur Magazine talks “Start-ups”

In the interview session, we got to know a lot about how the CEO of one of the biggest and the leading companies in the industry today has grown over the years right since his childhood. This discussion spoke volumes about how Dr Ahmad Khawaja has been developing over the years, right from his origin to how he could make things this big. Whatsoever, Dr Ahmad Khawaja basically grew up as a kid in Lebanon and he had come to America while he has been a teenager. He had a working experience in the high end retail business for a couple of years and then, he ran a chain of retail stores at various locations in Beverly Hills on Rodeo Drive. He then went ahead to work with the Las Vegas MGM. 

However, as the internet and the technology started taking a boom all across the word, Dr Ahmad Khawaja got to realize that there has been a necessity of a method that can accept credit cards. This was one of the biggest lessons that he could understand during his tenure at the retail industry and since then, he started working on this idea and thus, begun planning to come up with a way to resolve the issue of the customers, thereby assuring them with a convenience that they have always been craving for! 

Dr Ahmad Khawaja has an experience of working with several international customers which further helped him to gain quite a good amount of knowledge about the foreign businesses too. He thus, wanted to create a business opportunity wherein the business owners or the new entrepreneurs can come along with the customers to trade and exchange products and services. This is how he got up with an idea to establish Allied Wallet. Earlier, they used to market by word of mouth and now they have been processing transactions for more than 150 million merchants all over the world. 

Interviewer: Explain Allied Wallet in your own words

Ahmad Khawaja: Allied Wallet today is regarded as one of the fastest growing online payment processor in the whole world and this organisation promises to deliver the best of the services in order to process credit card payments for their customers, be it small or large businesses. Besides, the company takes care of the transactions assuring that they are safe and secure as well as quick at the same time which is one of the biggest mandate for every business houses including that of the startups. He further says that the company’s award winning APIs had made it confirmed that all the transactions are scrubbed for fraud and thus, the Allied Wallet processes in over 150 currencies and is successfully offering international experience to its client base. 

Interviewer: How did you pop up with the idea of Allied Wallet? 

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Ahmad Khawaja: Ahmad Khawaja said to this question that he started this company ten years back as he was inspired to give businesses all across the world and thus he wanted to grab the opportunity to take up this company to the next level, and that is, to the global level. He further added onto it saying that he realised that there was a necessity for secure ways of processing international transactions and no one else at that point of time was doing it and thus he came up with this idea that further rose to one of the prominent organizations in the industry. 

Interviewer: Let us know a bit about the journey of Allied Wallet

Ahmad Khawaja: Basically, we have motions coming up to us and they are needed to fill out an application right on our website and during the process, we have our in house underwriting team who review the documents and send an approval email to them with the code to ensure that they can check out our website securely. The merchants are usually needed to to this step on our website and we set them live. This whole process takes just a span of 12 hours. 

Interviewer: What all difficulties did you face during the startup of Allied Wallet?

Ahmad Khawaja: Just like any other processing companies, Allied Wallet did not have any sort of investor funding at the time of its startup. He went on saying that he has built this particular organisation with his own funds and he believed that this company would definitely rise up to the level of success with hard work and determination. He also say that you like to thank his team for its dedication, for they have helped him take up this company this far! 

Interviewer: How did Allied Wallet develop over the years? 

Ahmad Khawaja: When Allied Wallet first started, our prime concern was to focus on the gateway and thus, we walked forward to make it stand as one of the highest security available in order to determine the fraud. Over the time, we have also created a different other products such as virtual wallet, pre-paid card, Next Gen gateway and more. We are also working forward to evolve this company and make it a new and better place for the merchants with more add-ons. .

Interviewer: what kind of feedbacks do you receive for Allied Wallet?

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Ahmad Khawaja: Allied Wallet has been doing really good and it is extremely well known in parts of US, Asia and Europe. Besides, the company keeps on winning different awards for its great processing features and obviously the commitment that it makes to the merchants and how it fulfills them as well. He said that the growth rate of Allied Wallet is approximately around 200-500 % each year and people have been trusting more over the years. 

Interviewer: Did you face any competition in the industry?

Ahmad Khawaja: He took the question in a very sporting way and said that the industry loves competition. He further mentioned that PayPal happens to be the biggest direct competitor of Allied Wallet. However, their infrastructure is way different from that of Allied Wallet and thus, said that the latter has got a global approach towards the business. Also, Allied Wallet believes in offering more flexibility to the merchants. Of course, this industry is highly competitive but then again with such low rates and great in house customer service, Allied Wallet comes with a wide range of cards as well as offers unbeatable fraud protection. In a nutshell, Allied Wallet speaks a lot about itself and it has been doing amazing in the business sector. 

Interviewer: What to note about industry?

Ahmad Khawaja: Certainly, the new entrepreneurs will have to come in mind that the industry is highly competitive but then at the same, it is equally dangerous as well, particularly for the new merchants. One needs to take a note of a lot of things to be able to get a proper knowledge about accepting online credit cards and before they could jump onto it, one will need to have a secure gateway to keep away from the fraud. 

Interviewer: Anything you want to say about the future of the industry? 

Ahmad Khawaja: He said that the digital payments industry is going to get bigger and bigger each day. Nowadays, we see that people usually pay with apps and cards instead of cash everywhere they go which is indeed a symbol that the world needs more of electronic media. Allied Wallet is improving over the time, and now Allied Waller has decided to come up with new products so as to stay at the top of the game. 

Interviewer: Say something on Asian entrepreneurship vs Western entrepreneurship

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Ahmad Khawaja: It is quite different to be an entrepreneur in Asia than that of being one in Western parts of the world such as that of the US or Europe. They have different sets of laws, regulations as well as varied work ethics. He further said that he heard a lot about businesses while he used to be in meetings such as in Tokyo or Singapore or Hong Kong. He went on saying that they work really hard, and he was highly motivated to see them working with such a determination to achieve their goals. 

Interviewer: What is your opinion about success?

Ahmad Khawaja: Success is all about working really hard and thus, being able to accomplish the goals that you have! He says, success is also about helping others to grow up the ladder. It is all about surrounding yourself with hard working people so that all can work together to make a difference to this world. 

Interviewer: What made you become an entrepreneur?

Ahmad Khawaja: Ahmad said that he has always been looking forward to being an entrepreneur. He added on to it saying that he used to collect shell casings on the street while he used to be a kid there in Lebanon. He also said that he used to sell those shells for money. Consequently, as he moved to America, he started working in a job to ensure that he keeps growing and later on, he decided to come up with the idea of a company of his own. 

Interviewer: What are the keys to entrepreneurial success?

Ahmad Khawaja: In order to become an entrepreneur, you need to have faith on your abilities, and at the same time, you should be working hard. Both these would surely help you fetch the success that you have been craving for one day.

Interviewer: Anything that you want to say to the aspiring entrepreneurs?

Ahmad Khawaja: He said that it is only about hard work and self belief that has made him realize the paths of success. He stated that he has learnt something from his own personal experience that if one believes in hard work, gives time, puts in effort and pick a reliable company to work with, he or she will surely be able to reach his goals one day. One must keep on working every single day for a day wasted is going to be a day later for one to reach the goal.

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