Allied Wallet Founder Andy Khawaja Featured on Business Sight Cover

Allied Wallet Founder Andy Khawaja Featured on Business Sight Cover

Allied Wallet, a global FinTech company offering various payment solutions in 196 countries, and its Founder Andy Khawaja were featured on the cover of Business Sight magazine in an article titled “How Allied Wallet’s CEO Andy Khawaja is Innovating Digital Payments.”

Recently, Business Sight Media announced Allied Wallet as one of the ‘Most Prominent Tech Companies’ for their contributions to FinTech and global e-commerce. In this month’s issue, they recognize Founder Andy Khawaja on the cover and discuss why digital payments are so important.

With the convenience of online shopping and online sales, the shift has become almost inevitable. New and veteran entrepreneurs are finding the online medium a very profitable way to offer their goods and services.

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As consumers, we are attracted to the convenience and gratification of online shopping – but as we become more dependent it’s important to have e-commerce solutions that we can trust.

Business Sight said, “[Dr. Andy Khawaja] is a man of persistence and resilience and knows how to overcome challenges that emerge in the path to success and established his company as one of the leading payment solution providers in the industry.”

They added, “…innovation is crucial and it is the cornerstone of his business… [Allied Wallet] is creating better payment solutions which are technology driven and making the lives of customers easier than it was before.”

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Dr. Andy Khawaja is proud to be recognized on this Business Sight cover and to be awarded as a prominent technology company.

“We’re so excited to introduce new features and functionality that will change the industry,” said Dr. Khawaja, “…we have so much to offer as the payment industry evolves into the new digital age.”

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