Allied Wallet Founder Andy Khawaja is honored with American Genius Award

Allied Wallet Founder Andy Khawaja is honored with American Genius Award

Allied Wallet founder Andy Khawaja who stands to be the world-renowned founder of a long list of successful companies including Allied Wallet stands to be a globally leading provider of online credit card processing and a PCI Level 1 secured payment gateway. The CEO was awarded with the American Genius Award for his entrepreneurial success. Not just this, he is equally popular among the people for his technological advancements.

Allied Wallet: The American Genius Award

The American Genius Award is basically an annual award that is given to the Americans who are truly capable of representing their intellectual qualities. The AGA Committee hand basically comprises of a group of fifty candidates. This committee will research, study, and determine the winner of the annual American Genius Award.

The AGA Award Committee started to follow the success of fifty candidates in the group which included Mark Zuckerberg (Facebook), Sergey Brin (Google), Michael Dell (Dell). Although these names were commonly mentioned, the AGA award committee was looking forward to a candidate that florished in multiple business categories. They were eagerly waiting to bring something new to the table.

Dr Andy Khawaja was recognized by the American Genius Award Committee as an American visionary. He was regarded as a fine representation of American innovation, and is also known as an American trailblazer. Andy Khawaja is not only managing more than a dozen businesses. Also, he has been continually trying to develop first-hand solutions across the world.

Allied Wallet: Offers state-of-the-art online payment solution

Dr Andy Khawaja is greatly known for his state-of-the-art online payment system with sallied Wallet. This proprietary payment gateway company serves over 120 million people across the globe. The organization operates in 196 countries and has held its position in offering safe means of online payment and sales. He is undoubtedly an entrepreneur with success in different avenues, which finally swayed the vote for the AGA committee. Dr Andy is basically a fine dining restaurant, a real estate mogul and an e-commerce innovator. He is also known as an entertainment media mogul for his successful TV show.

Dr Andy Khawaja, who happens to be the multi-billionaire represents his success story before the American Genius Reward mentioning about his achievements through passion, and hard work. Of course, his genius intellect is one of the major reasons behind his success today. Certainly, the CEO has changed the opinion of success for the new entrepreneurs. Above all, it is none other than Andy who had finally made it possible for a lot of business men to provide safe transactions without any hassle.

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