Allied Wallet’s CEO, Dr Ahmad Khawaja titled as the TMT’s CEO of the year

Allied Wallet's CEO, Dr Ahmad Khawaja titled as the TMT's CEO of the year
Allied Wallet’s CEO, Dr Ahmad Khawaja titled as the TMT’s CEO of the year

Allied Wallet’s CEO, Dr Ahmad Khawaja is known as a globally leading provider of mainstream online payment processing. Recently, he was featured on the cover of TMT magazine as the CEO of the year. He was titled in an article called as the “Experts in e-commerce.” He further mentions that it takes a lot of qualities for a CEO to be at the position where he is! The TMT sat down with Dr Ahmad Khawaja to have an intimate look at the business and that’s when he talks of the business and all that he did in order to bring the organization this far! He said that the essential qualities of a CEO are to go around with all the responsibilities for he is the one who takes care of all the pros and cons of his team. His innovation definitely counts, and it is none other than him who drives the company by giving it the desired direction that it needs! Further, he says that he takes care of the workplace culture as well, for that is going to determine whether or not his employees are working with a peace of mind. 

Leadership plays a vital role in determining the success of the organization

Dr Ahmad Khawaja of Allied Wallet that in order to become a successful CEO, he is not just bothered about the profits of his organization but at the same time, he has to look upon the needs and requirements of his employees. He added on to it saying that it is extremely essential to invest in a team for they are going to yield back to the company afterwards. He also talks about the impact that the business puts upon the employees and the customers. Last but not the least, he says that it is essential to help others and that’s what he teaches to his team all the time. He teaches them to be the one who stays up to give hope to others. Dr Ahmad Khawaja further says that he would love to be the torch bearer and thus, would be glad to help others in dealing with their own struggles of building their empires. 

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Dr Ahmad Khawaja: Learning through perseverance

Dr Ahmad Khawaja of Allied Wallet states that his struggle has never been easy. The success of Allied Wallet is the result of his hard work and constant determination. It is the result of his dedication that did finally help him to raise such a vast empire. He went on to it saying that he had always learnt to take lessons from the past experiences and he had never minded learning from his trials. He is a firm believer of learning through perseverance. He said that it is all because of his strong zeal to win that has made him earn the tag of the TMT’s CEO of the year. 

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