Allied Wallet’s Dr Andy Khawaja, Titled as the TMT’s CEO of the Year

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Dr. Andy Khawaja, who is popularly known as the CEO of Allied Wallet, a globally leading provider of mainstream online payment processing, was recently featured on the cover of TMT magazine as CEO of the Year in an article called “Experts in e-Commerce.” Dr Andy Khawaja has been an inspiration for many and his contribution in the field of technology is worth all the appreciation. He has been doing really well along with his team and the best part of the organization is that it does not only look forward to make profits, but at the same time, it works together in order to ease the upcoming challenges as well as ensure that the youth is able to move ahead and aspire to become successful entrepreneurs.

Andy Khawaja talks about factors and qualities to become a great CEO

Dr Andy Khawaja in his recent speech mentions that his journey to be the CEO has never been easy enough. He, too, had to face a lot of challenges and hardships in life to reach this far! He says that there are a lot of factors and qualities that must be present in an individual in order to shape a great CEO. TMT over a discussion with Dr. Andy Khawaja talks about how he runs his business. He further takes forward his speech talking about his beliefs that are essential for an individual to own in order to become a good CEO. He also discusses the role of a CEO in the innovation of a ‘fin tech company’ as that of “Allied Wallet.”

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He says that the leadership values of a CEO are extremely critical in the business and innovation aspects. A CEO needs to toil his brain regarding the current market scenario and thus, take decisions to invest in his talented team and pay attention to each and every minute detail that would lay impact on the business. Also, the CEO needs to look at its employees and its customers, both. He says that he always preaches about helping his team so that they may help others.

Andy’s words to the young entrepreneurs

Dr. Andy Khawaja wants to be the torch bearer and he says that he would love to see today’s youth to keep moving ahead and have big dreams, thereby aspiring to be their own selves in front of this whole world. He says that he would love to keep walking within that dark tunnel, yet see the young minds walking along with him until they reach success.

Dr Andy Khawaja has always witnessed struggle and hardship. He says that it may take time, but one should never lose hope. He has been a firm believer in learning from experiences and triumph through perseverance. He says that he believes what he says and that is probably the reason behind his growth and success. He kept on mentioning the fact that the road to success isn’t paved in a day, it takes time, but will power will always make it up to it.

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