Amazon All Set To Establish A Small Business Shop

The online retailer Amazon recently launched a completely new section of their site on Monday that is called Amazon Storefronts. It is known to list only those products that are sold by medium and small-scale businesses in the United States.

The company states that the smaller companies may get lost amongst all of its goods which is why they want to find out a way in the form of Amazon storefront by which the shoppers may find them with ease.  Amazon states that there are more than 1 million products belonging to 20,000 businesses that were selected to be featured on this particular site. The way these products are selected is based on the positive ratings given by the customers. There are going to be similar stores that are going to be launched on the Amazon sites in the United Kingdom and Germany.

This new site can also be considered as one of the best ways by which Amazon is trying to boost up the company’s image especially at a time when they are facing scrutiny for the growing power along with the continued criticism that the company is taking away business from various small shops. Earlier this particular year Amazon did release a report stating that most of their items are coming from small and medium scale businesses. The new site called Amazon Storefront is going to be promoted on the front page of online retailer’s. A TV ad is also going to be aired which will be showing off some of the small business sellers.

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This new site will be helping in getting the small brands in front of the Amazon customers. One of the corporations named Little Flower Soap Co will be selling their products on this site. They believe that their sales are going to be increasing after all its handmade soaps and flavoured lip balms are only going to be a couple of clicks away from the customers due to Amazon.

The co-founder of the little flower soap corporation Ms. Holly Rutt states that this is some of the best exposures for them. They are selling their products on Amazon for two years.

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The Michigan based, Chelsea company is known to have hired around three additional workers during the last month. The total workforce of the company now is 7. She further states that they are making soaps at a much faster rate now.

Some of the other small businesses that are available on Storefronts include one that is selling matching sets of pajamas for the families. There is another business that is also selling wooden blocks to customers.

According to Amazon, they are not charging anything to the small-scale businesses to make an appearance on Storefronts. The company also promises to add on more companies as the time passes by.  

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