Amazon to launch emotion recognizing wearable technology soon!


According to Bloomberg reports, Amazon is working really hard to bring a new wrist-worn gadget which will be capable of recognising human emotions by analysing voices more deeply.

This soon-to-arrive wearable gadget is in making under the alliance between Amazon and Lab126. Lab126 has provided its hardware skillset to build Fire Phone which wasn’t much successful and Echo smart speaker which was a major success, among many other products.

Bloomberg learned of the secretive new project secretavily named as Dylan within the company, when it obtained a number of internal documents that introduced to the the untitled wearable. The documents states very clearly that Alexa software team will be directly involved in the project which hints that the talking voice assistant will be the primary way to make contact with new gadget.

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The wearable gadget is designed to function with a companion smartphone as well, like Amazon Echo portfolio works with the Alexa app on iOS and Android. The new hardware has many voice-cathers that can detect the temperamental state of anyone who is speaking based on precise sounds in the voice.

The recorded report from Bloomberg also states, in due course of time, users will be able to benefit with this technology by receiving advice about how to interact more effectively with those around them based on their on-time emotional state.  

Even after so many reports online hints it’s process in making, It’s unclear whether the Alexa wrist-worn gadget will ever make it to market. Like every innovative technology company, Amazon keep working amateurishly on excessive and different ideas in the field of technology and form-factors inside its R&D laboratories out of which many never make it to the commercial world. But, given that Dylan has significantly already reached the stage of to testing within the company, the innovative projects seems to be in the middle of it is process.

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Whether we’ll see this progressive device or this whole documentation of Dylan is just to test the ability of Alexa to detect different kind of temperament a person is into when in presence of its voice assistant, the suspense will be out sometime later this year or next year – we have to keep a watch.

Although, Newsdio will keep a close watch on all the latest development on this upcoming technology and will keep you posted about any confirmation from the officials.

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