Amazon to scale up their Prime membership by providing offline benefits

The e-commerce giant Amazon India is considering to follow a certain plan to load its Prime subscription service along with the offline benefits that will directly encourage the frequent utilization of the programme. This is after the fact that it is looking to attract many more customers from small towns and cities.

This does mean that Amazon is going to be integrating all of its Prime offerings with various other supermarket chain Whole Foods in the United States of America.

According to Mr. Jamil Ghani who is the Amazon global head of the said company is looking forward to adding many more Prime members belonging from different small towns in India along with its assisted shopping initiative called as Udaan. The recent launching of their Hindi interface is also helping.

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According to him, the offline field is definitely the area for them. Jamil states that they are constantly looking for ways and means to add various Prime benefits especially along with the Amazon Pay solutions. He further states that they are bringing the complete Prime experience to the Whole Foods and they, in turn, are going to be experiencing Amazon all across the website and Prime Now.

The Prime members situated in the United States are going to be receiving added discounts especially on hundreds of on-sale products. Whole Foods was acquired by Amazon last year along with the fast delivery of different products from the supermarket chain.

However, in India, the company is seen working with various payment companies including ToneTag. Amazon did invest around 5 million dollars in this endeavor. All of this is invested in order to provide various benefits to the Prime members at the restaurants and stores according to the ET reported in the month of June.

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ToneTag, on the other hand, is working towards offering the Prime members with a frictionless payment system and experience. Take, for example, a customer can simply walk out of a restaurant without actually having to physically pay off the bill.

The said company is going to be providing the eat and go option which is going to be leveraging the sound wave technology so as to automatically generate and pay off the bills. This is exclusively for all of the Prime members. This facility will be provided for and over 8000 restaurants in and about a period of 12 months.

One such payment experience can also be experienced in the parking lot of malls along with shopping areas where a prime member will not have to physically pay the amount for the parking.

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The company is trying to lock in more customers from small cities and towns. It does have a customer base of more than 10 million prime-time members. There are actually prime members who are trying to connect from Udaan to get access to the Prime Music and Prime Video feature. According to Mr. Akshay Sahi, who is the Prime head for India the percentage might be as small as of now but it is slowly growing.

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