Amazon warehouses in Canada necessitated to be closed due to new wave of Covid 19

NewsDio Desk : Canadian authorities have necessitated the closure of Amazon warehouse, as part of urgent measure to self- isolate 5,000 employees in view of Covid 19 outbreak. 

The step was need of the hour, as to keep an effective check due to the spread of the pandemic which has already taken so many lives across the world. 

There has been an advisory from public health officials who have said that the workers are supposed to self isolate themselves. The warehouse was situated north of Toronto in the Brampton facility

Although, when considered the past two weeks, the Covid 19 related threat seems to have decreased and subsided. However, the figure inside the facility held a contrary position, as there has been increasing cases of the same, as per the statement coming out of the health officials. 

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Well, talking about the lost 90 days, if any worker tested positive and likewise, completed the phase of quarantine is exempted from the quarantine order. 

It is always quite a challenging and difficult time to shut a business entity where the lives of so many people are directly dependent on the income they generate. Yes, when the business continues to operate in its glory then it basically has a chain where money rotates and so is the regular intake of customer orders who get timely delivery of products

In short everyone right from customers to owners and workers know that they are bound in chain. However, in an abrupt closure, the business loses its shine. Although, it is totally necessary to stop the business operations with immediate effect, so that spread of Covid 19 is checked.  The spokesperson gave quite startling news, where over 600 workers got tested positive for Covid 19, right from the first day when coronavirus had spread its tentacles.  While if recent weeks are to be taken into account, then the number stands at 240. 

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Well, still the response from Amazon is awaited. 

The worst affected from Covid 19 has been the warehouses from Toronto, as there has been series of regular inspections in this regard. 

Even warehouses aren’t taking due regard with respect to safety and security as 43 warehouses out of the total number of 208, were reported to have loopholes as they were not taking the aspect of upkeep and maintenance necessitated after the Covid 19 pandemic, seriously 

The Ontario province of Canada has seen the worst of cases in this regard where by Friday; it recorded of whopping 315,000 Covid 19 infections, where there have been over 7,100 deaths as well. 

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Such scenes are really heart rending as they have massive effect over the emotions of people, since it is a human tendency to feel weak at the sight of fellow deaths. 

If one takes in consideration the total aspect, Canada seems to be increasing the number of cases with are over 900,000 along with 22,000 deaths till date. 

One hopes, the scourge of Covid 19 ends once and for all.

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