An Alaskan man stole a fire truck, drove to the local bar with sirens


An Alaskan man allegedly broke into a local firehouse, stole a truck, then drove sirens for about 15 miles to a bar in a neighboring city, a report said Monday.

The suspect, Dawson Cody Porter, was arrested after a light walk on Saturday in front of the Fisherman's Bar in Naknek city, a local Fox affiliate reported.

Porter allegedly used a piece of wood to get through a window at the King Salmon Fire Station in Eagle River, according to the report.

Then he got behind the wheel of the truck, blew the sirens, and went to the bar, through the station gates and driving about half an hour before leaving.

"Porter caused approximately $ 10,000 in damage and left a $ 100,000 fire apparatus inoperable until repairs can be made," local police told the news station.

When he arrived at the bar, two police officers arrested him for robbery, vehicle theft, and criminal mischief charges, according to the report.


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