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History has been made. There are many different opinions about WWE's Saudi Arabia shows and it is easy to understand why many fans feel uncomfortable with them. The shows are held in a country that does not have the best human rights record, but things are improving a bit. Some of this is seen in women who are allowed to fight, which was the case last year and may be again.

Bayley is one of the most dominant fighters in the entire WWE today and is one of the longest reigning champions the company has. She has taken care of all kinds of challengers and is running out of people coming after her title. Therefore, you need some new competitors for the title and that means that something historic could help. That idea was announced this week on SmackDown.

During this week's SmackDown, Bayley successfully defended the women's title against Carmella. After the game, Naomi came to the ring to save Carmella, who didn't sit well with Bayley. As a result, Bayley said he will not defend the Women's Title until Super ShowDown on February 27. His rival will be determined next week on SmackDown when Naomi takes on Carmella in a # 1 match.

Bayley has been a big problem. Look at some of his last moments: [/ embed] [/ embed] [/ embed]

Opinion: It's still great to see something like this really happen, but it's great to see that they will be allowed to make women compete again. I know it's the smallest of the steps, but it's better than nothing. Bayley is likely to face Naomi and that should be a pleasant game once it happens. A change of title could even take place and it would be a very good time if it took place.

Do you like the game? Will Bayley retain the title? Let us know in the comments below.

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