Andy Khawaja, Allied Wallet and Founder Featured in New York City’s Times Square

Allied Wallet, probably stands to be one of the leading global FinTech companies. It is well recognized for offering various payment solutions in 196 countries around the world. Allied Wallet’s Founder, Andy Khawaja was recently featured on the iconic NASDAQ MarketSite screen in New York City’s Times Square.

We have been seeing the Allied Wallet Africa making great efforts and those are being portrayed on a weekly basis. The organisation are putting efforts on a continuous basis to adopt new technological and entrepreneurial opportunities across the nation.

Andy Khawaja in NASDAQ’s seven-story LED screen

Allied Wallet Africa and the Founder of the organisation, Andy Khawaja were recently featured on NASDAQ’s seven-story LED screen. It typically features the market quotes and financial news in Times Square. The man stands to be one of the most powerful icons in America’s #1 tourist destination. Certainly, the Allied Wallet Africa’s contribution to the Africa is globally appreciated without any flaws.

Creation of a cashless economy: Allied Wallet

The Allied Wallet group says that the team is presently working to create a new cashless economy that Africa has so far not seen. It has also assured to create this digital payment format with utmost security. He also said that he is extremely happy and proud about the performance of the team. He thus, gives the credit to the Allied Wallet group and expects more such great things to come soon.

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Standing as one of the most powerful and iconic displays in America’s , Allied Wallet Africa is proudly recognized for their global contributions and efforts in Africa. Times Square succeeded to witness over 41.9 million visitors yearly and it is proud to see such an amazing response from its audience. They, in turn, raised their expectation of gaining more exposure for their organisation and brand to grow!

Read more about Allied Wallet Africa here.

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