Andy Khawaja, Allied Wallet CEO Proudly Sponsored Football Star Team Charity

Andy Khawaja, Allied Wallet CEO Proudly Sponsored Football Star Team Charity

The CEO of Allied Wallet, Dr Andy Khawaja is basically a leading provider of online credit card processing on the global scale. He was the main sponsor for STAR TEAM Charity in a celebrity football game that was scheduled in Monaco. The World Stars Football Match was actually squared off between the Star Team MC and the Formula 1 Drivers Team. The match was featuring names such as Prince Albert of Monaco, Fernando Alonso, Felipe Massa,  Claudio Ranieri, and Max Verstappen.

Allied Wallet: Star Team Charity

The basic purpose of the Star Team was to collect enough funds for the Monaco chaity associations. The main motif behind this was to help the underprivileged sections or the children from that segment. This is basically an initiative from the sports association – Star Team which has been recognized by the Monegasque Government that promises to help the children across the world. The association has held over 50 events till date, and undoubtedly it has been doing amazingly in its sphere.

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Allied Wallet takes up the mission to create opportunities for the underprivileged youth

CEO of Allied Wallet, Dr Andy Khawaja sees to the mission and has sponsored various events around the world to protect the youth. One such initiative was that of the Action Innocence in Geneva, Switzerland. The CEO further said that the able individuals should take the initiative of standing up for the children who aren’t that privileged since they are the future. Khawaja also said that the voiced should help the voiceless and thus, create opportunities for them.

He marked his final words by thanking all the organizers and thus, the entire team of Allied Wallet and Hublot, its promoter without whom it would not have been possible to make this event such a success. Last but not the least, he states that the event was indeed very successful and that, it made things possible wherein they could gather enough funds to be used for the underprivileged and abandoned kids around the globe.

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