Andy Khawaja, Allied Wallet Founder Featured on Mirror Review Cover

Andy Khawaja, Allied Wallet Founder Featured on Mirror Review Cover

Among the many global FinTech companies, Allied Wallet stands to be one of the most renowned one in the list. It is known for offering various payment solutions across 196 countries, and that gave it a reason to be featured on the cover of Mirror Review magazine. It was also titled as one of the top ’20 Innovative Companies to Watch Out For’.

We found this latest release on the Mirror Review that was issued with Allied Wallet CEO and Founder, Dr. Andy Khawaja. It was published right on the cover along with a feature that was entitled as the “Allied Wallet: Upholding A Standard of Interoperability, Quality, and Security With Bespoke Payment Solutions.”

The main purpose of this article was to discuss the rapid growth in the e-commerce businesses around the world. It also casts the growing need for a more seamless checkout experience to make sure that the customers have had a better way to deal with these payment solutions. 

Allied Wallet: stands out from the other providers

Allied Wallet received the title as one of the ‘Most Innovative’ companies. It got this title for its ability to make online shopping more seamless. It also enhances the organization’s ability to service international users. The main reason that makes this company a better choice over others is that it offers payment solutions that other providers cannot. As per the reports from the Mirror Review, it has been found out that most of the other regular online shoppers leave ecommerce sites midway only because they could not find the payment method suitable and convenient enough for them. 

Dr Andy Khawaja even talked about how he bridged this gap between the payment method and the consumers. He also talked about how he empowered payment operations and protected the users globally. It has also been working out to innovate and integrate new payment options from all across the world, so as to find better features and functionalities so as to connect to the users worldwide. He also said that the organization is continuously making efforts to come up with more such new and unique provisions. 

Allied Wallet’s success depicts the success of its customers

Andy Khawaja said that the success behind the organization is none other than its method. Its success simply resembles the success of its customers. The company primarily focuses on its intention and all that it could do to make its customers happy and satisfied. The following motif of the company makes it stand as one of the most innovative companies in this niche. 

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