Andy Khawaja, the Allied Wallet Founder Featured on Business Sight Magazine Cover

Allied Wallet is one of the most renowned global FinTech companies that has been known for offering various payment solutions. It has been operating in 196 countries across the globe. The CEO, Andy Khawaja was recognized on the cover of Business Sight magazine. There, the Allied Wallet was titled as one of the ‘Most Prominent Tech Companies’.


  • Allied Wallet: A torch bearer in the tech companies

With the constant advances in the field of technology, it is being observed that the new and flourishing companies are emerging each day. The main motif of all these organisations is to support the needs and wants of all the new customers as well as the business houses, so as to help them prosper even more!

Allied Wallet is the creation of Andy Khawaja and he had founded it back along ten years. He has been one of the leaders in this genre with the implementation of new innovations and creations. Furthermore, he introduced different payment options to regions across the globe. Undoubtedly, the company strives to be one of the best payment companies in comparison to any other payment service providers. 


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  • Allied Wallet: Known for security and convenience

Allied Wallet is growing popular each day and the greatest secret behind it is none other than the organisation’s focus on creating digital payment provisions that are cost effective, secure and convenient all at the same time. Also, these payment options are prevalent in both the e-commerce and mobile spaces, which definitely serve to minimise the gap. 


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