Apex Legends players are demanding changes to the caustic


Apex LegendsUstic Caustic desperately needs some simple changes according to the vocal community of Battle Royale.

Presented next to the original list as a paid character last year, the Toxic Trapper has been somewhat atypical in the level lists for several reasons. Like Gibraltar, the great physicist of Caustic means that it is an easier target for the opposing players, and even despite a series of hitbox changes, which later contributed to the former being considered somewhat dominated, it remains somewhat rare in World's Edge.

It seems that an explanation for this is reduced to the confusion caused so often by the special ability of the character's signature. Unlike the Wattson mass control fences or the Crypto surveillance drone, Caustic Nox gas traps can affect both enemies and friends.

In addition to this, the barrels used to deploy the potent toxin look identical regardless of whether the player using them is in his team or in the opponent's.

Needless to say, then, that massive confusion inevitably occurs when several caustic players approach each other, and teammates are more likely to accidentally shoot those who do not belong to them. However, Lazer93 has found a possible quick fix on Reddit by suggesting that Respawn take steps to better distinguish friendly and enemy traps through the tried and true practice of color coding. The other alternative, of course, is to eliminate the effects that obscure the view that gas has on Caustic's own teammates, although many fear that such a change will inevitably make the ability too powerful.

An interesting debate, sure, and it will be interesting to see how the developer plans to handle the problem in the future. Meanwhile, be sure to tell us what you thinking is the best remedy for Apex Legends‘Gas problem in the comments below!


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