Apple Car, probably set to be on the road by 2024

The Apple car has been in the rumour for quite a long time now and this may have been resurrected according to the sources. As per the reports, the Reuters said that the Apple has been planning to start the production of its electrical cars with that of the pioneering technology in the year 2024. However, Apple did not confirm the report as of now but it seems that the investors are looking forward to this news in a very serious manner. It has been a couple of years when Apple has been trying to get a car project with minimum success for that matter. 

Indeed, building a new car line is absolutely a daunting process and time-consuming at the same line, particularly leather company e is looking forward to incorporate new technology into that project. There is no denial to the fact that Apple has always been known to do its own thing and this would be an exception this time as well. From forming its own Operating System to that of building its M1 chips, Apple has successfully achieved the title of being one of the richest and innovative companies all across the world.

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Apple cars will be soon on the roads

The Wall Street Journal had earlier stated that there is a possibility of a new Apple car coming into the market as the former was looking forward to be a competitor to Tesla. Steve Jobs have always been considering to build a car back since the year 2008 and the plan received an opposition when there was a look-out for a self driving one. Of course, there is a considerable investment of time and money on this plan to get the car on the road and as per the reports, more than 1000 people had been working on the project, although we didn’t hear much on it from Apple. This storyline continued till 2016 and then, we heard that something automotive is on the way in 2017. In 2019, we got to get a glance like the Project Titan wherein Apple laid off 200 people on the Titan team in the month of January but it did acquire a struggling autonomous driving startup in the month of hope, and this Titan kept going. 

Until the year 2020, we got to hear that Apple had revived plans to produce new cars, something which would be patented under Apple itself. As per the Reuters, there have been rumours that Apple is planning to bring something new to the table this time may be with a battery design that would probably make the deal chaper and ensure an extension to its longevity at the same time. Even Tesla had to face a tough time and Elon Musk wanted to sell it to Apple. He even stated that Cook was not really interested on the proposal.

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