Apple "stifles the creation of new technologies," says the former chip designer will be sued for breach of contract


Apple has been in an ongoing legal fight with Gerard Williams III, who worked at Apple until February 2019 when he left to start a new company called Nuvia with other Apple developers.

Williams was Apple's leading chip designer, working on the A7 to A12X chips that Apple used on its mobile devices, and his new company develops processors for use in data centers. Apple sued Williams for the first time in August 2019, claiming that its contracts with Apple prevented it from participating in commercial activities that are directly related to Apple's business.

Since then, Williams has claimed that Apple invaded his privacy and monitored his text messages, while Apple complained that Williams had been planning and developing Nuvia while still at Apple, and also requesting Apple employees.

In January, Williams tried to get Apple to reject the lawsuit filed against him by the court, but he was unsuccessful, and is now back with a new claim that Apple has been recruiting Nuvia engineers.

According to BloombergWilliams says that Apple aims to attract its staff and is also preventing its own employees from leaving to pursue their own businesses. He claims that Apple's lawsuit against him for breach of contract aims to "stifle the creation of new technologies and solutions by a new company and decrease the freedom of entrepreneurs to seek a more satisfactory job."

He then accuses Apple of improperly deterring employees from "making preparations even preliminary and legally protected to form a new business, whether competitive or not."

It is not yet known whether the case will go to trial, although a judge has already dismissed Apple's offer for punitive damages against Williams, since Apple did not demonstrate how Williams intentionally tried to harm the company for being unfair.

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