Apple Users may have more inclination towards non-gaming mobile apps by 2024 – Report

Due to the changing lifestyle arising out of Covid 19, there has been a paradigm shift with Apple users. 

Yes, if the research is to be believed based on the current prevailing trend, the Apple users may devote more time towards non-gaming mobile apps by 2024. This is the data which comes to the fore from an analytics firm SensorTower.  The main attributive factor behind the same is the changing lifestyles which have forced the users to look comprehensively on other things beyond the games where the apps have come to their natural and obvious choice. This is going to accomplish their essential services. 

Right when the pandemic was started, users were spending a considerable amount of time on mobile games. However, unlike the expectations where people believed that the lockdown will end, it again extended, then it took some serious toll on the lifestyle of the users. As their way of spending their daily life has changed. Similarly, their way of communication changed as well. Additionally, their focus diverted more towards video conferencing, photo and video sharing, dating along with instant messaging apps.  Yes, users were more inclined towards videos and their inclination is certainly justified given the fact that they find it attractive and easy to use these related features. On the same lines, their dependence and craze towards YouTube is quite relatable where people have made it quite a mode to earn money through uploading videos which is obviously a craze these days. 

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So basically, as the lockdown extended, it created a lot of dependence amongst the minds of users who were looking for something reliable and interesting. This is where their inclination towards apps became quite a natural phenomenon. 

Everything happened so quickly and instantly that there are few companies which started doing good business. The shares  of Zoom Video Communications Inc and Match Group reached sky high based on the level of attention and demand which was generated by users. 

There has been a statement from SensorTower which said that the amount of spending on mobile apps is going to reach $270 billion, if the next five years are to be considered. This will be a threefold increase when compared with 2020.

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The app store is going to generate whopping $185 billion in terms of the global revenue which will be quite a hit when compared with Android counterparts.

The data analytics firm is of the view that Europe is going to be the key market when the next five years are to be take into account. The profit originating from revenue growth is set to outpace that in Asia and North America. Needless to say that Europe has become quite a hub. 

The trend has just started and it is all set to pick with every passing week and month. The overall scenario of users depending on app seems to have started. It is all set to become bigger and better in the days to come.

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