Apple's next iPhone Pros could have a camera that scans 3D objects, says analyst report


Another day, another report on what Apple might be planning for its next iPhone update.

Sarah Tew / CNET

There was already many rumors on the next iPhone that adds a flight time sensor for better depth recording. On Thursday we can add another claim to that growing stack.

In a note to investors discovered by CNBC, Barclays semiconductor analysts wrote that the next iPhones will feature an "updated" version of Face ID for facial recognition, in addition to supporting those rumors of the high-end "Pro" successors that They add a flight time sensor on the back to help with the capture of 3D images.

The exact new features of the updated face ID were not shared. In addition to helping with AR, the new rear sensor could also help increase portrait photos, as it captures more depth information about the subject.

Flight time cameras are already on phones such as Samsung's Galaxy Note 10 Plus and are expected to appear at least in some variants of the Galaxy S20 It is rumored that Samsung submit on February 11.

Earlier, according to prominent Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, it was said that the new sensor would come in updates for Apple's "Pro" model iPhones. Kuo also reported Apple plans to launch four new iPhones, all with OLED screens and 5G support in a design similar to the iPhone 4 of 2010.

Apple traditionally updates its main iPhone line in the fall, so waiting for the next major version could take a while. However, the company is expected introduce a new successor to iPhone SE with a design similar to the iPhone 8 in the first half of the year.

Apple did not immediately respond to a request for comment.


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