Appy Pie Chatbot is the Perfect Tool to Create a Chatbot for Free

Chatbots play a critical role in helping businesses create a strong brand image and deliver the best customer service. Chatbots have become extremely popular in the past few years. As time passes on, chatbots will become even better in customer service for various businesses.

Every business needs a chatbot. According to a research by Statista, nearly 48% of small businesses are thinking about integrating chatbots for various business processes and 11% have already done so. The large scale adoption of chatbots has already begun. Nearly 90% of Fortune 100 companies are using at least one chatbot within their business.

The success of chatbots can be attributed to their massive usability and the fact that they have numerous applications across industries. With time, as uses and niches for chatbots will be explored, businesses will be finding new ways to adopt them. In this blog, we shall discuss how chatbots are used and how you can use Appy Pie Chatbot to create a chatbot free of cost.

Uses of Chatbots

Chatbots have many applications in the industry. Here are some of the most popular uses of a chatbot:

Customer Support

Chatbots are widely used in customer support across various industries. Businesses around the world are using chatbots to replace their existing customer support infrastructure. Chatbots are user-friendly, interactive, and can be integrated anywhere from your website to your mobile app.

Chatbots help users in various ways. A customer support chatbot can help answer user queries about a product/service by interacting with them as a human would and answering all user questions. These chatbots are usually deployed on home pages and help centers of a website and mobile app.

Lead Generation

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Lead generation chatbots help businesses discover and capture new leads. Competition between businesses nowadays is extremely stiff. A lead generation chatbot can help streamline your lead acquisition process.

Customers today are more aware of what they want from a brand and are extremely judicious in making purchasing decisions. To ensure that these customers purchase from your business, you need to successfully convert them from a casual visitor to a brand promoting customer. A lead generation chatbot collects user information by talking to them and asking them for their contact information and their interest in your product.

Marketing Chatbots

Chatbots in marketing processes are extremely useful. Marketing chatbots can be used to promote your products and services. They do so by educating users about what your business provides. They also double as lead generation chatbots and give you a significant edge over your competitors.

Recruitment Chatbots

Chatbots can help recruiting agencies and organizations hire suitable candidates. HR chatbots are used to automate the collection of a job seeker’s resume and information. It is also used to automate the screening round of interviews.

Employee chatbots

Every company has a set of rules and regulations. However, learning the entire employee handbook by heart is impossible for any employee. This is where employee chatbots come in. Employee chatbots are used by the employees of a business to search for employee-related information with convenience. This can help employees know their roles, responsibilities, and make the work culture better.

Benefits of Creating Chatbots

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Creating chatbots brings various benefits to your business. Let us discuss some of them.

Increase customer satisfaction

Chatbots are completely automated and customer-centric. Chatbots handle each customer with the same ‘attitude’ and efficiency. It can go a long way in shaping consumer opinions about your business. Chatbots help make your customer support consistent and improve customer satisfaction. Chatbots can also be programmed to talk with customers in multiple languages supporting multiple client nationalities.


Chatbots can be online and work 24*7. Once deployed, chatbots require minimum maintenance and they can be online whenever you need them to.


Chatbots are affordable for smaller businesses too. Unlike other forms of customer support, chatbots consume fewer resources and are more affordable in the long run. A full-time support team can be quite expensive. A chatbot does not require office space, workstations, or monthly wages. Chatbots are a one-time investment for a business. Apart from minor tweaks, a chatbot is self-serving for its entire life cycle.

‘Wow’ factor

Artificial intelligence and machine learning are trending technologies. A chatbot can use both. Customers enjoy interacting with a chatbot. The engagement rates for chatbots are steadily increasing. In 2019, almost 40% of retail customers engaged with a chatbot. Chatbots can help position your brand as a ‘forerunner’ for the future. Chatbots assist in creating a good brand image.

Creating a Chatbot for Free with Appy Pie Chatbot

Appy Pie Chatbot is a no-code chatbot development platform that lets you create chatbots for your business. Appy Pie Chatbot is a one of a kind software that provides a completely unique form of chatbot building experience. With Appy Pie Chatbot, a user doesn’t need to have any coding knowledge to create a chatbot.

Appy Pie chatbot provides users with an intuitive interface where a user can choose what type of chatbot they want to create, design its chat window, and conversation flow without any coding. Once done, they can simply integrate it with their website or app.

What sets Appy Pie Chatbot apart is how easy and affordable it is to create chatbot with it. Creating a chatbot is often a challenging endeavor for businesses. However, Appy Pie’s no-code interface makes it a cakewalk.

Apart from the unique interface, Appildy Pie also provides accurate chatbot analytics and various integrations that can be used for various business processes. They also provide an inbuilt live chat that can be used alongside the chatbot for various purposes. 

Appy Pie Chatbot also lets you create multiple chatbot free of cost for your business which lets you automate various different processes of your business easily.


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Chatbots will keep rising in importance for business in the near future. It’s a good time for companies to invest in chatbots and stay ahead of their competitors. Appy Pie Chatbot is perfect for all kinds of businesses as it helps you create chatbots with ease. The best part is the affordability of the software and the fact that you can create your first chatbot for free.

Check out the awesome chatbot builder today!

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