Are you looking for the best ways of preserving your printed shirts? Go for the guide below

Custom printed T-shirts have witnessed a surge in demand in the contemporary world. People love to design their outfits to create that unique appeal. Most millennials these days take an interest in printed shirts and T-shirts. The rationales might vary from one person to the other. There are shirts for different activities, shirts for marketing purposes, shirts with favorite movie quotations, and the like. 

Printed T-shirts with images or ironic quotes are popular these days. Since you are investing a decent amount of money in your apparel, you must look for ways to ensure that the results last longer. Most individuals these days like to give custom printed T-shirts to the near and dear ones. It not only offers a personal touch but a unique taste.  

By following the below-given steps, you can ensure that your printed T-shirts last long  

The points are not just laundry techniques; there are guidelines for those who want to preserve the image and design of their T-shirts. A lot of emotion and feeling gets connected to these custom T-shirts. You invest your effort in deciding the final look on a particular day. Hence, the following points will be beneficial for you:

•    Turning the shirt inside out while washing: You must always turn the T-shirt inside out while cleaning them. If you ignore this fact, you might affect the design or the color. When you follow these guidelines, you prevent the image from encompassing washer agitation. The friction may result in cracks in the image and affect the final look. Even if you wash it with your hands, go for medium-quality soap and, if possible neutral soaps.

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•    Never use hot water for washing: You may use lukewarm and cool water for washing the T-shirt. But it would help if you always abstained from hot temperatures. The plastic-type feature of the design on the shirt is susceptible to hot or warm water. It might result in the peel, crack, and bubble when put under harsh conditions.

•    Significance of fabric softeners: Apart from mild detergent and delicate machine cycle, you must take extra care while using fabric softener. You can use dryer sheets to avoid wrinkles and fading. The light cycle of the washing machine is known for less agitation. Hence, it is ideal for a custom printed T-shirt. When you get PrintBest print-on-demand T-shirts, you have to follow the guidelines they provide. They have a particular process of publishing their items. They take steps to give the best printing results to make their product stand out in the market.

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•    Never overload the machine: While washing the custom printed T-shirts, never overload the washer. It creates damage to the drum and thereby affects the performance. In addition, overloading the machine affects white clothes and delicate printed items.

After the washing is over, fold the shirt gently. Fold t-shirts and sweaters as it will help them last longer. Never take the laundry tips casually. Remember that these easy and quick tips will help you to keep the prints looking lively longer.  

Common issues related to printed shirts that you must know

Once you understand the different do’s and don’ts about printed shirts, it is time you take the common issues seriously. For maintaining the printed shirts over a long time, you must always use cold water and handwash them. Hanging the garment in the sun or laying it flat on the ground helps it to dry faster. If possible, use excellent iron and iron the garment inside out. Always place two cloths on either side of the garment to protect the design. It will give you the best results. Apart from this, the following common issues are of significance:

•    Shrinkage – A significant problem which various users often face is garment shrinking. Manufacturers use pre-treatment methods for their fabric before they initiate the process. On the other hand, when they ship the item, they pre-shrink the material. Hot water and high temperature are other reasons for shrinking. In the case of 100% cotton garments, the problem is profound.

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•    Piling – Irrespective of the quality, every fabric piles up. The friction of the garment is the leading reason behind this. It loosens the fabric and pulls the fiber causing it to pile. It thereby forms fuzzy balls all across the surface of the cloth.

•    Hard water – Since you already know how to wash printed garments, it is time you learn about hard water. The minerals in hard water may affect the print and the image of the garment. It is because the minerals deposit on the fabric and make it stiff. Therefore, hard water affects the dye and the color. It also increases piling and fading. To prevent this, you can soak the garment in vinegar water before you wash it.

Preventing laundry mishaps requires you to have a detailed understanding of the common issues and the dos and don’ts. Screen printed attire requires delicate handling. You must follow the guidelines which the manufacturer provides you. It will help you to retain the results for a long time.

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