Ariel Winter’s Boyfriend gifting a Romantic Picnic

The Actress Ariel Winter was smiling while she was heading with her new boyfriend actor Luke Benward. This new couple was all the way towards Patys Restaurant in Toluca lake.  Ariel Winter showed off her new blonde hairdo. She was hanging with her boyfriend, Luke Benward who is also a friend to her. They became friends in Santa Monica after they were going for a coffee date. The group went for pictures as they seemed to be enjoying the aur and the sunshine over the weekend. 

Boyfriend Luke planning a surprise for Ariel

Ariel Winter was showing off her new blonde hairdo. She hung with her boyfriend and triends and the group was caught posing for pictures together.  Her boyfriend did plan a surprise party recently for her arranging a picnic to please her on the rooftop deck of the house. We all had a miserable year in the 2020 with Covid 19 amidst the picture of the lockdown. She has been celebrating the birthday with Luke on 12th of may 2020 with a drive-by party so that the friends can actually give him the best wishes to him. They seemed to celebrate the day together while maintaining the social distancing norms from their cars. Later on, after eight long months, we could see Luke assisting Ariel celebrating her 23rd birthday all over again at the rooftop of their Los Angeles home. 

As all the restaurants were shut down for the lockdown, this romantic date was organized by Luke himself on the rooftop to please his mistress and the meal was cooked just for the two! Ariel did turn 23 years old on 28th of January and Luke had shared the 2 instagram pics of them during the quarantine party. The cloud skies lied right above them and he even had a blanket laid out at the rooftop deck. They made roast beef and cheese sandwiches on large slices of bread. This pair was sitting passionately kissing in the image with their sammies alongside a bag of Cheetos and a bottle of water. 

Ariel and Luke were sitting and chilling at the winter, and the best part is that the star was wearing a black long sleeved sweater paired along with grey sweat pants. Luke wrote in the caption, “A birthday picnic for my bunny:))))). I love you so much. You are so life giving and such a beautiful soul. The world needs what you have to offer and so do I love another year around the sun with you and it feels so good 🙂 happy birthday buns I love you.” Ariel also shared the photo of their kissing image to her Instagram stories and wrote, “I love this man. 23 is off to a great start.” 


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