Young Arjit Singh behind Shahid Kapoor Makes fans nostalgic: Another Name hogs Limelight

Recently, this picture of Arjit Singh standing behind Shahid Kapoor is making fans nostalgic. Many vocal artists remained successful changing their lives because of reality shows and we have so many examples like Sunidhi Chauhan and Shreya Ghoshal are one of them. Arjit Singh is also favourite of so many people and he has also changed lives of so many people via his signing. And it is not just Arjit Singh but many others like him, who remained successful in changing their own lives. 

Netizens reaction on seeing an old picture of Arijit singh 

No doubt, Arjit singh is not favourite of Indians but he is famous across the world. Arjit was a contestant in ‘Fame Gurukul’, and this picture was recently posted where Arjit Singh was standing behind the actor Shahid Kapoor. Although, when anyone would see that picture he is not so recognizable because he is a teenager with a shaved beard and short hair. This look is so different from the current look, so nobody could even guess it is Arjit Singh. In the Fame Gurukul, Arjit Singh was a participant and he had come in the year 2005 and all the contestants lived up there. When this picture came out Netizen got emotional and nostalgic how Arjit brought himself to such a wonderful place. And now he has also become a ‘legend’. 

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Along with Arjit singh, there are other contestants too who are standing there with him and they are Qazi for whom I had also voted so many times. Along with a Qazi picture of Taukeer is also there, maybe this show ended but this show had given people so many things. It is close to the heart of all the contestants whoever got to learn something from it. This season of the show was quite famous for so many reasons because there were so many people who lifted their identity being part of this show. There were Rooprekha, Shamit Tyagi, Rex and many other participants too who made it special in some way. 

The Duos ‘Shahid kapoor and Arjit singh

 Since the movie Kabir Singh got released it has kindled up so many memories and brought it back to the memory lane. Well, as the show Fame Gurukul was close to the heart for Arjit Singh, this movie Kabir Singh was equally. Moreover, it is quite wonderful to see such a beautiful journey of reaching such a vibrant and beautiful place. The duo had their own journey and Shahid and Arjit embarked on their beautiful journey together with the movie Rangoon where Arjit became the voice of Shahid. The good part about all is that it was a good duo, a successful one and everything was so beautiful and best. And then this song ‘Tujhe Kitna chahne Lage hain hum’ made this Duo more famous and people started appreciating this dup openly. Well, indeed the journey from contestant to a singer was Awesome. So we congratulate Arjit singh!

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