As fast as the racing scooter goes in terms of a car

NewsDio Desk : Ever heard of an electric racing scooter moving at the speed of a car? Well, it will surely make you bewildered as you can’t come to senses, regarding how it can actually happen this way.

Well, it is the reality as the electric scooter actually has a speed of 100kph. However, not many would want it to run so fast considering that it is open and riding on 6.5in wheels etc. Additionally, the body may not be designed to speed up extensively where it becomes a herculean task to maneuver your way. 

Well, let’s welcome eSkootrSIX  which has similar traits and has equally become a hot topic for people to discuss the bizarre possibility and capabilities associated with the same. 

eSkootr makes use of two 6kW motors on each wheel and considering the racing car, it was long awaited and expected.

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The electric car has a 24Ah battery with 1.33kWh capacity. The weight of the e-scooter stands at 35kg and has been designed and developed for prototype racer. It also comes with hydraulic disk brakes as they are significantly important owing to the fact that they are able to combat the speeds. This is an important aspect considering the fact that there can’t be any compromise made on the aspect of safety

Based on the skills of the driver, the escooter can actually lean up to 50 degrees.

While talking about the most important aspect of safety which everyone is eager to know considering the fact that it has a speed of 100kph, eSC has taken the help of renowned entity namely ex-F1 and Le Mans racer Alex Wurz as their ‘eSC Safety Ambassador’ as they are known for designing the safety measures and circuits. Considering the mammoth responsibility which one is naturally surrounded with during the top speeds, the company’s help from a reliable and renowned entity was very much needed.  There is a kill switch, which in the event driver part ways with the ride, in that event, it is able to cut power to the scooter. Due to the same, eSC has designated Andy Mellor on the chair of a safety commission. The man has 20 years of enriching experience as a consultant to FIA. 

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 The prevailing issue as of now is that there are not enough teams which can do competition. eSC has undergone a sign up process with Carlin racing as it competes in Formula 2 and 3 and previously in Formula E. It is important to mention here that in the current situation, there is a need of 10 teams with 30 racers for creating a championship. One simply hopes that a championship takes place soon so that people can see the real competition arising out of. It will indeed be fun to watch. 

After all, it will be an awesome site to witness these scooters competing in a championship.  The site will simply be awesome to say the least. So, let’s have fingers crossed.

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