Atlanta city gets its new tech leader Gary Brantley

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The city of Atlanta has finally found out the replacement after the technological leader has made its way towards New York City. It has taken more than eight months but Atlanta has finally succeeded in finding out the replacement.

Atlanta, as on September 14th, made the announcement of their new chief information officer is one Gary Brantley who was the CIO for nearly seven years at the DeKalb County Schools which is supposed to be the nation’s 26th largest school district in the country. It is known to cover around 10 percent of the whole of Atlanta geographically. Gary Brantley did replace the former CIO who goes by the name Samir Saini who did leave Atlanta by the end of January to become the new CIO of New York City. According to the news, the appointment of Brantley will be effective as of 8th October.

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Brantley is the chief technological adviser to the DeKalb County Board of Education. He is also known to manage the day to day operations and also support in and around 118,000 users at 147 school related sites. He has an annual budget of around 160 million dollars.

The city states that the new CIO is also the finalist with regards to the 2018 CIO of the Year Award. The Award is on behalf the Georgia CIO Leadership Association. Computerworld has named Brantley as one of the most Premier technological leaders. He has been named as one of the top 100 technological leaders for the year 2017. He has also been named as one of the top 30 Technologists, Trailblazers and Transformers in the year 2015 according to the Centre for Digital Education. The incoming CIO did refer a reporter to the spokesman at the Atlanta City Hall via email reached by the Government technology. One of the members belonging to the communication team of the mayor declined to comment further on this topic.

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In a recent news released, however, the mayor of Atlanta Ms. Keisha Lance Bottoms did appear to allude towards the March ransomware cyber-attack that took place against the municipality thus indicating the fact that the city had found its technological leader who knew much more than to simply run an IT store.

Bottoms states in a statement that they are learning first-hand the ways and means to run the government with more efficiency. He further states that it is important for the government to be able to manage the technological infrastructure of the city more effectively to deliver quality customer service to its residents and the business as well. She also further thanks to the current Interim CIO of the city Daphne Rackley along with the deputy CIO, who has recently been temporarily promoted due to the fact of working with diligence towards getting the systems back online and also identifying the best route ahead towards achieving full recovery.

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Mr. Brantley had started off his career at IBM after which he moved to MCI Corporation as their operational manager.

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