Attack On Titan Season 4 : Release date, Trailer, Cast and updates

Attack On Titan Season 4 : Release date, Trailer, Cast and updates

Attack On Titan Season 3 was released last year. This post-apocalyptic drama was so far the veast season and it was bombarded with a lot of appreciation from all its fans and critics. Just when the former episode was airing, we got to hear about the renewal of this season right from there. Well, things got silent after then.

There was no further update about the release of the season 4. The audience was equally furious at the lack of the official updates. I know you might also be wondering about the same, and so here we have brought a few important updates about the show right here!

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When is Attack on Titan season 4 released?

As the news came up that Attack on Titan will be renewed for yet another season, it was expected that the season 4 will be predicted to run in the fall of 2020. However, in this wake of the pandemic, there is nothing much surprising to hear that the release of the Attack on Titan season 4 will be a bit more delayed. It is being heard that the season 4 will probably be the last installment in the series.

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What will be the story of Attack on Titan season 4 all about?

The first three seasons of Attack on Titan upheld the stories of different incidents that took place in a city in the later apocalypse. The story was somewhat monotonous in its approach and thus, it is anticipated that the upcoming season will take forward the story right since where the season 3 ended.

How many episodes can you expect in Attack on Titan season 4?

Attack on Titan had aired numerous episodes in each season. The number of episodes include that of 25 in season 1, only 12 in season 2, and 22 total episodes in the previous season, and the latter was divided into instalments of 12 and 10. However, these speculations are not yet confirmed. Nevertheless, we are expecting more episodes to be on air in this upcoming season. This is because a good number of episodes is recommended to ensure that the fans don’t feel low, and the expectations of these people are met!

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Attack On Titan Season 4 Official Trailer

Attack On Titan Season 4 official trailer is released on youtube before on week you can check out this video and enjoy from here

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