avengers: endgame avengers: endgame cast Harley Keener is Becoming the Next Iron Man in MCU?

avengers: endgame avengers: endgame cast Harley Keener is Becoming the Next Iron Man in MCU?

Avengers Endgame, the Iron Man who lost his universe. Who watched the movie End Game they know the real pain of the Iron who sacrificed his life. At Tony’s funeral, a teenage boy professes his love and respect towards his mentor Tony Stark who’s name was Harley Keener. The boy Harley Keener has appeared in Iron Man 3 with Tony Stark. When Tony Strake broke the garage with the Harley Keener. Moreover, the kid helped Tony Stark in the New York attack. The first appearance of Harley Keener was in 2012 in Iron Man 3.


The appearance of Harley Keener in the End Game really reveals the plan of MCU that he is the next Iron Man. We all know that MCU does not do anything without any reason. So it’s clear that Harley Keener is the next Iron Man.

In Iron Man, 3 Tony Stark renewed the Keener’s Garage with the latest technology. Harley Keener is the mind of an engineer, he likes to play with gadgets just like Tony Stark. Everyone can see the potential of Harley Keener that he can easily replace Tony Stark in the next movie. They are both very similar in many things such as gadgets, latest technologies, and viewpoints.

 Avengers Endgame cast

there are several actors working in Avengers endgame of marvel you can check full list of cast here 

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According to Marvel and the guess that Harley Keener is only Iron Man as a replacement for Tony Stark. In the next movie and series, we will be seeing Harley Keener in the place of Tony Stark. But it’s not sure shortly Marvel will realize the plot of the story and importantly who is going to replace Tony Stark.


Yes! We are talking about the famous comics Shield, and who is Iron Lad? The director of the comic is Tony Stark. A kid who is working under Tony and takes up the mantle is known as Iron Lad. But the comic and the movie is going to be totally different as the kid is the alien in the comic. As we said earlier, Marvel would not do anything without reason or any motive, so the short cameo of Harley at Tony’s funeral is the hint towards the theory of Marvel.

These ideas might seem possible but it’s a Marvel Universe anything can happen and possible! So we have to wait for the official announcement.

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