Axar Patel – Nadiad’s hero is still the same humble boy

Just 60 kilometers from Ahmedabad, lies a sleepy town of Nadiad which is the ancestral home of Axar Patel. No guesses to recognize the exact house  in the colony as his SUV is the most obvious hint which one gets as a mark of affluence.

Pleasant times are in store for the cricketer as he switched over from Akshar to Axar, since it has been a great ride for the all rounder. He is 28  from Gujarat and has gained enough recognition from one and all. The family is extremely excited and happy since their son is gaining recognition across the length and breadth of the world. 

However,  the situation was certainly different for them two years back. Since, his father met with a deadly accident while going for a midnight walk for tea. The accident was very severe as it badly damaged the left side of his skull. 

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However, it can’t be a prouder moment for a father than to watch his son playing for the country now. More so, as the spectators are cheering at the performance of his son. 

It has been quite a roller coaster ride for the cricketer where after his father met with a severe accident, he cheered and motivated him in all his probability to bring him to life again.

Similarly, his mother was averse to the idea of him playing cricket, as she feared that he will hurt himself. However, luckily, he got what he wanted.

In the current times, the whole nation prays for the cricketer who has equally proved to be an obedient and dutiful son besides being a favorite cricketer for many. 

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He never intended to be a bowler

Patel was never fond of bowling. However, while he was playing under 19, the coach found in him a talent where he could be a decent spinner. It didn’t take him much of time, to learn his strength and weakness and how he could potentially be a great bowler


Nadiad will continue to be his home

Although, he is financially well off, thanks to the Indian Premier League along with appearances on International level, yet Patel will stick to his ancestral home. According to his mother, he is emotionally attached to his old room. She further says, that he loves to play mobile games. He is still the same boy which his locality feels and recognizes. As an act to thank God, the family has done a renovation to the Shree Santram Temple.  

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It is clear that the family isn’t going to undertake the journey to watch the test match in Ahmedabad amidst the growing concerns of Covid 19. However, they are quite excited to be a part of celebratory time. Due the immense success which Patel has got as of now, he has been constantly getting calls from the relatives who reside both in India and abroad to marry their daughter.Well overall it is certainly the proudest moment which mother is enjoying of late for sure. 

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