Baby’s Breath flowers – perfect companions for wooden floral arrangements

Gypsophila flowers or commonly known as Baby breathe flower have become somewhat of a cliché in the wedding floral industry and other floral arrangements. With more than 100 perennial and annual species baby’s breath has varying appearances that make it more adjustable in almost every kind of floral arrangement. Florists and flower lovers have two kinds of perceptions about these tiny sophisticated blooms:

  • These are the best fillers available to use in a floral arrangement that allows you to create a floral masterpiece with a minimum number of flowers.
  • On the other hand they are considered as the most overused filler flowers that enhance the floral arrangement mostly, but they can also detract the overall look of an arrangement. 

Though they are mostly considered filler flowers when these blooms are used on their own, they create a wonderful cloud-like appearance and give a romantic, ethereal, and soft feel – and you get a quite dazzling end result. 

Wooden floral arrangements & baby’s breath flowers:

Wooden flower arrangements with baby breathe wooden flowers can be ideal substitutes for the expensive real floral arrangements. Additionally, there are couples of pluses to using sola wood floral arrangements of baby breath flowers:

  • Baby breathe are long-lasting wooden bouquet fillers that is why they are an ideal option for wooden bouquet fillers.
  • These are a budget-friendly option to use with wooden blooms that cost much lesser than any other floral filler.
  • Baby breathe are easy to dye and can be transformed to any desired color just by dyeing with acrylic paints or other dyeing options. 

How to use baby’s breath flowers impressively in a floral design?

By putting baby’s breathe flowers in the right places it is so easy to create a beautiful wooden flower arrangement. To create an ideal floral arrangement with having babies breathe in that here are a few dos and don’ts that a florist should keep in mind are:

  1. Before using these blooms in any wooden floral arrangements cut the longer branches’ of the baby’s breathe floral bunch to avoid their overpowering effect.
  2. By adding few other fillers like caspia, waxflower, solidago, and statice a balance can be created within baby’s breath, sola wood flowers, and other filler flowers and greenery.
  3. It is not necessary to put baby’s breath in all floral arrangements for a wedding or any other occasion as they are poisonous and cheaper filler that may bring a cheaper look.
  4. Always use fresh baby breathe flowers because the older baby’s breathe turn brown and make the entire floral arrangement look old.
  5. Try to use one, three, or five sola wood flowers with a little baby’s breathe foliage to go with them. Odd numbers of flowers always appear the best.
  6. You can separate the baby’s breath by breaking the longer stems apart. These smaller branches can be ideally used in large spaces between the sola wood flowers. This is going to give the arrangement a more sophisticated and natural appearance.
  7. If you are experiencing to think beyond the baby’s breathing box, don’t fight with that temptation. 
  8. Add baby’s breathe stems to the arrangements that are more conventional or romantic in nature. Use these floral stems as it is when you want the “just picked from the garden” look. 
  9. Purchase Gypsophila or baby’s breath for longer vase life when around one-third to one-half of the flowers are open. Look for brown, shriveled, and dry flowers as well as symptoms of wilt/water tension.
  10. Baby’s breath has chemical compounds called saponins in their stems that may cause asthmatic or dermatological reactions in some people, so be cautious when handling these flowers. You can use latex gloves, if necessary.
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