Barack Obama fears that he has to depart his wife, if he joins Biden’s cabinet

The Obama has intentionally given his opinion regarding what he is supposed to do, after Joe Biden has been elected as Vice President.

In a statement he can be seen saying that the Vice President doesn’t need his advice. He is looking forward to help in whatever way he can purposely do, but certainly not jumping to White House and working. Yes, that’s the most clear and concise way of telling that he isn’t going to join the cabinet or working as a staff. 

Obama grinned while making it clear that his wife would leave him and that there are few things which he isn’t supposed to do.  

He further consolidated his views by re-affirming the fact that his wife would be like “You’re doing what?”

In the interview, he heavily weighs the sacrifices his wife has made for her and he highly respects her as well as her opinion. 

Like with any relationship, there needs to be “give and take” and the same has been well emphasized and given importance as well. Yes, Obama has categorically said about how his wife has timely never lacked reminding him about the extent of sacrifices she has made for him. It is indirectly reflecting about how he is indebted to her which is of course the reason that he values the relations even more. 

Obama also hinted about how his exclusion from politics has given him opportunity to be back on track with life as he felt that he is able to run his family easily by leaving the pomp surrounded with politics otherwise. He is certainly a family man and his abidance to his wife has re-affirmed about how sacrifices can be made to strengthen the relations further 

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