Batfleck fans are not happy with the new Batman suit


The batmanThe bat suit finally arrived yesterday and, as expected, the response has been mixed. The suit contains some interesting new elements, with a very Arkham Asylum Inspired bat logo and a stitched leather hood. The short video, released as a camera test by director Matt Reeves, does not reveal much more. Filmed in a deep crimson light, this suit seems to be more armored than previous versions and has a bit of Batman of the Future influence. Now that the cat is out of the bag, we should start to see some images that could show more details.

But there is a group of fans who are not happy: Batfleck Stans. I think it is indisputable that Batman from Ben Affleck got a pretty crude deal. In his debut appearance he had to share a movie with Superman, and while we saw him deal with a street crime, he never fought in any of the galleries of his scoundrel. The less said about League of Justice the best. Rub salt on the wound is that The batman It was going to be Ben Affleck's time in the spotlight, only for Warner Bros to decide that they were going in a different direction.

As such, these fans were predisposed to find the lack of the suit compared to that of Affleck. This is how they are responding:

For the record, I thought Batfleck's suit was excellent. I loved the Dark Knight Returns the atmosphere it had and how huge it made Batman look. But one of the best things about Batman is that his main design has been reinterpreted in many different ways over the years. I think it's too early to make a final judgment about Pattinson's suit, but I like stitched leather. Actually, it looks like something a boy and his butler could put together in a cave. Hopefully we can see it better very soon.


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