Batman Fan-Art shows a new bat costume with full color hood


BossLogic has been in charge of showing how Robert Pattinson could be in The batman. They invite us to a full color version that even features the full hood. In addition, other DC fans took their digital skills and removed the original red tone that Matt Reeves has in his camera test video and presented it in color. All this fan work has helped give a better idea of ​​how Pattinson could be when The batman It reaches theaters.

As always, BossLogic could quickly create some quality works of art. We see Robert Pattinson in The batman Suit the camera test video, with some ornaments. On the one hand, we can see the whole mask and it looks great. While the video emits a more minimalist atmosphere, BossLogic's take makes Batsuit look like a mix of critically acclaimed Arkham comics and video games. Color is what stands out most in this particular work of art, which was missing in the great revelation of yesterday.

While BossLogic and other DC fans have left with longer and more traditional ears in the mask, The batman You can end up with shorter ears and more Adam West style. Some fans have not had that appearance, and many compare it to Daredevil. The comparison makes sense, especially since Matt Reeves' camera test video was completely red. Anyway, it seems that most people are excited to finally see how Robert Pattinson will look like the iconic character, since the look is really half the battle.

One of the great details that is present in all the images of The batman The camera test is the new bat symbol in the bat suit. It seems to be made of a gun and fans believe Matt Reeves could have done something really good with the design. If the speculation surrounding the symbol is correct, it will be done with the weapon Joe Chill used to kill Bruce Wayne's parents. There is a precedent for this set in the comics and it is something that many fans are going crazy. Hopefully this is what Reeves decided to do.

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In color or not, The batman The swimsuit seems to please most fans, which is not an easy feat. Robert Pattinson was not the name that people thought when he was announced as the star, but he has already come a long way for fans to know what it is. Pattinson just wants to do the best job possible and then worry about fans later. While the appearance may not be what everyone expected, it is something new, which Matt Reeves seems determined to do. You can see some of the amazing fan art below, thanks to BossLogic Twitter account.

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