Beijing refutes the charges that Chinese hackers forayed into Indian vaccine makers

China has flatly refused the charges from cyber intelligence firm that  a hacking group was involved towards targeting the IT systems of two Indian corona virus vaccine makers. 

Cyfirma in an interview told Reuters that hacking group with the name APT 10, popularly referred as Stone Panda had strategized to find loopholes and vulnerabilities in Bharat Biotech and Serum Institute of India.

However, without any delay there has been the reaction of the foreign ministry of China which told Reuters that they don’t have any evidence and proof and the party is simply speculating by distorting the facts which don’t have any reality. 

The news gains significance considering the current times where the above mentioned Indian companies are manufacturing vaccine and the serious charges of hacking seems to create a grave situation. 

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The ministry added, that they should have been more responsible where it is now seen that they have an ulterior motive. China opposes the allegations 

However, on the other hand, Cyfirma which has put the charges on the Chinese backed hackers re-affirmed the fact that they stand firmly on their research and findings. SII simply declined to issue statement on this front. Similarly, Bharat Biotech followed suit. Since, it didn’t issue any statement on the hacking related matter. 

The ongoing issue has been handed to operations director by the CERT team who informed Reuters about the same. 

SII is in the process of making vaccines for various countries and soon going to hit on the bulk dosage of Novavax shots. Similarly, Bharat Biotech plans to exports the COVAXIN shot to various countries where Brazil and Philippines is included.

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India and China has been regular contributors to the Covid 19 shots. While taking about India the country deals in production of more than 60% of vaccines sold world over. 

India and China has been at loggerheads over the territorial dispute as the tensions between them soured in June, when due to shelling there were loss of lives where 20 Indian and four Chinese soldiers were killed in the confrontation which started in the Himalayan border. 

However, the subsequent talks and dialogues proved to be fruitful as it minimized the prevailing tensions which was otherwise seem to be booming. Hence, the peaceful atmosphere could be possible due to talks as it ensures peace in the region. It should remain that way for generations to come. 

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India and China are using all sorts of approach in terms of military diplomatic channel to establish communication for easing the tensions which is prevalent in borders. Both the sides are eyeing to establish peace and for the same it is important to stop the spread of fake information, as it can potentially disturb the peaceful atmosphere prevailing in the area. 

One thing is for sure that due to disputes between neighbors, it creates uneasiness on both the sides and amicable solution has to be found out, towards ensuring friendly and easy times for both the countries.

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